5 Altcoins With High Volatility And Strong Price Performance This Month

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Most people will acknowledge the volatile nature of crypto assets, regardless of their market valuation. As markets are accessible 24.7 price changes can occur at any moment. The following five coins have shown impressive volatility this month, although that isn’t necessarily bad for any of them in the price department.


With great profit potential comes great volatility, whether one likes it or not. CryptoRank puts CEEK VR at the top of the ranking with 129% volatility in 30 days. That may seem like a lot, but most of it is rather positive. CoinGecko confirms the CEEK value has risen by 2,611% this month, despite some intense volatility along the way. It is interesting to see a volatile asset perform so well, something one might not always find outside of the cryptocurrency industry. 

Render Token (RNDR)

On the heels of CEEK VR is Render Token, an asset with 123% volatility in the past month. Again, that is a high rating, but no one will worry about it too much. Despite the current bearish market conditions, its overall monthly performance is still +619%, confirming there is strong interest in this asset. Like CEEK, there have been some violent, albeit short-lived pushbacks along the way, but nothing to lose sleepover. 

CryptoMines (ETERNAL)

For an asset valued at roughly $675, one would expect more 30-day volatility for ETERNAL. Although 122% is still more than substantial, it is relatively normal for high-value cryptocurrencies to attract traders and speculators. Like the other currencies on this list so far, ETERNAL noted a substantial price jump this month. An increase by 1,368% tends to rigger some profit-taking among early investors. 

Gala (GALA)

Most cryptocurrency users will have seen the name Gala/GALA pop up on social media these past few weeks. Not because of its 110% in monthly volatility, but rather because its value went up by over 700% this month. Without pushbacks and corrections, one cannot have strong upward momentum, creating much volatility without any long-term price impact. Moreover, GALA is up by 280,610% in the past year.

Epik Prime (EPIK)

The final entrant on this list is EPIK, the native currency of Epik Prime. It has 105% in monthly volatility, which means there is an increase in overall trading activity, either for better or worse. EPIK has gone up in value this month, to no one’s surprise. Even with a bearish weekly trend, the value increased by over 456% in a month, which is rather spectacular. Continuing that momentum may pose a challenge, but the overall trend remains intact. 

Source: CryptoRank

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