5 Altcoins Showing Outspokenly Bullish Sentiment: RFUEL, WAN, SRM, FNX, CEL

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Gauging the popularity of altcoins is often challenging. Judging by the current social sentiment – bearish or bullish – the momentum is shifting favorably. The following five projects all note bullish sentiment, even if their price may not reflect it yet. 

Rio DeFi (RFUEL)

With an average sentiment of 93.02% in favor of the bulls, traders and speculators expect big things from RFUEL over the coming weekend. Its price is slowly recovering from a recent onslaught, and the 2.91% daily increase is promising. For Rio DeFi, bridging traditional and decentralized finance remains the number one priority. Its market cap of $15.5 million seems to offer room for growth this year. 

Wanchain (WAN)

Although Wanchain has been around for a while, it seemed as if people had almost given up on WAN last year. Today, the coin looks healthy, and events notes a 6.55% daily gain. Priced at $0.40 and a market cap of $66.4 million, the average sentiment remains mostly bullish at 82.92%. Since the Wanchain 5.0 launch, the community has shown a renewed interest in this blockchain project. 

Serum (SRM)

No one needs an introduction of Serum, as the project generates enough media headlines on its own. From a theoretical point of view, SRM may go through a bullish spell, based on the average sentiment of 81.88%. Its market cap of $84.4 million seems small for this project. Today’s 5.89% price change is a step in the right direction. 

FinNexus (FNX)

As a decentralized options trading platform, FinNexus has high expectations to live up to. Its native FNX asset currently enjoys bullish sentiment at 81.77%, even though it has lost nearly 10% today. With a market cap of $2 million, anything can happen over the weekend. FNX once had an all-time high that is 79.2% higher than its current valuation.

Celsius (CEL)

The Celsius team wants to introduce a modern way to manage assets and earn rewards or borrowing cash. It is a compelling use case for cryptocurrency holders, which may explain why 80.42% of the community expects a bullish trend for the CEL token. After gaining 13.91% today, it’s not hard to see where the sentiment comes from either. Celsius currently has a market cap of $1.7 billion. 

Source: LunarCRUSH

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