5 Altcoins Poised to Reach a new All-time High Soon

CryptoMode All-time High

Even though the current Bitcoin price momentum may not indicate it, several crypto assets are close to a new all-time high. In fact, some of them reached one just days ago. Despite the downtrend, the five following assets are worth keeping an eye on. 

Hyperion (HYN)

While Hyperion has launched quite some time ago, it has never gained that much price attention until a few months ago. All of a sudden, its value increased by over 1,750%, which is not entirely uncommon for alternative assets. Its current all-time high is $1.09, which was recorded just 19 days ago. Bitcoin is dragging all markets down right now, but it is possible HYN will ignore the overall trend. It isn’t listed on any major exchanges, but Hyperion aims to provide “ultra privacy” to its users in the future. Attaining privacy is something many people wish to explore. 

FTX Token (FTT)

The native token of the FTX platform has been on a tear in the past week or so. Its value skyrocketed to $4.51, which is still the all-time high. Recorded just 15 hours ago, it seems a matter of time until a higher value is reached accordingly. Holders of FTT will benefit from fee rebates, and they are bought back by the team on regular intervals. It is similar to other tokens native to exchanges, giving it a certain long-term potential. 

Balancer (BAL)

Exploring the DeFi industry will often lead one to Balancer. It is a very interesting platform that has gotten a lot of attention lately. Through its native BAL token, users will earn liquidity fees from pools and put their crypto assets to work. While Balancer may have been overshadowed by other projects lately, BAL set a new all-time high just 3 days ago. Reaching $37.01 again is not impossible, as its value seems to hold its own quite well. Decoupling from Bitcoin and Ethereum would be ideal, all things considered. 

Serum (SRM)

The potential of Serum cannot be underestimated. It is a versatile technology that can disrupt the way people look at cryptocurrency trading altogether. Its native SRM token is designed to accrue value through utility, rather than inflation. Tokens will be subject to long-term unlocking periods, and there is a buyback through net revenue. With an all-time high price of $3.75 being reached just 1 day ago, it seems to be a matter of time until a new record is attained. 

Crypto.com Coin (CRO)

Owning CRO can unlock many benefits for users. It is a core asset in the overarching Crypto.com ecosystem. Obtaining the project’s debit card will also require owning a certain amount of CRO. All of these developments have yielded a recent CRO all-time high of $0.190943, recorded 12 days ago. Similar to the other coins on the list, it seems to be a matter of time until that “limit” is broken once again. 

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