5 Altcoins Noting Strong Staking Support: USDN, DIVI, DDK, AKT, BAND

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Many cryptocurrencies have native support for proof-of-stake. The more supply gets locked into staking, the less volatile these assets tend to become. Several currencies note high figures for staked value, even if the overall rewards may not be spectacular.


For a currency that is valued at just $1, supporters of USDN remain intent on staking this asset at all costs. In fact, 96.9% of its supply is currently in staking, representing over $152.3 million in value. Currently, the reward for staking USDN is 13.53% per annum, which is more than decent compared to some other offerings. 

Divi (DIVI)

As one of the many projects looking to accelerate the mainstream adoption of digital currencies, Divi also supports proof-of-stake. Based on current statistics, 86.15% of the supply is locked in staking, with rewards hitting 28.5% per annum. All of these statistics are promising, even though DIVI has a value of just $0.03.

DDKoin (DDK)

Not too many people may be familiar with DDkoin, as it does not have an official market cap on CoinGecko. Even so, there is a genuine interest in staking DDK lately. With 85.95% of the supply already locked up, the 96% reward per annum is clearly attracting attention.  This rate may go down substantially with so much staking activity, but for now, the rates remain very competitive. 

Akash (AKT)

With a price of $4.54, Akash is one of the higher-value coins on today’s list. Considering how 84.73% of its supply is locked in staking today, one has to wonder what will happen to the AKT price of $4.54. Additionally, staking rewards remain high at 51.7%.

Band Protocol (BAND)

As one of the more successful projects in the blockchain industry today, BAND Protocol rewards its community with staking rewards of up to 12.05% per year. As $1.32 billion of its total market capitalization can be found in staking wallets today, there isn’t too much BAND to go around. That may help explain its value of just below $15. 

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