4 Ways to Spend Your Google Play Credits

CryptoMode Spending Google Play Credits

Paying for goods and services on the internet is both convenient and somewhat complex. Many different ecosystems exist, and some of them have their own native “currency’ Google Play Credits, for example, are of great value to Android users, but what are they buying exactly? 

Google Play Credits are Intriguing

It is commendable to see technology giants such as Google stick to their own native “currency” to purchase goods and services. Android users all over the world have access to the same currency, known as Google Play Credits. These can be obtained by buying prepaid cards in most stores, as well as buying codes online. 

Some users may be wondering what to actually do with it, though. Despite the convenience Google Play Credits bring to the table, Google isn’t too great at advertising what they could be used for. The website makes a very brief mention of what can be bought with them depending on one’s region. 

Entertainment Purchases

One of the obvious options to explore is to buy entertainment products and services through the Play Store. This can include TV shows, movies, books, and depending on one’s region, Newsstand magazines. Google has put a lot of work in making a lot of digital content as accessible as possible. For those with some spare Google Play Credits to burn, picking up a book or renting a movie are viable options. 

In-app Purchases

Perhaps the most common use case for Google Play Credits is in-app and in-game purchases. Mobile apps and games will often be free to start, but offer an option to purchase extra “goodies”. Users with younger children who spend a lot of time playing games on an Android device may want to keep an eye on how they spend these credits. They can empty one’s balance very quickly.

Premium Apps

Not all of the applications on the Google Play store are free of charge. Quite a few of them need to be paid for upfront, although some may offer a free version in rather limited fashion. Spending Google Play Credits on these premium apps can be worthwhile. This does not just apply to applications either, as AAA-esque games on Android have a price tag as well. GTA San Andreas, for example, is a game well worth spending some money on.

YouTube Premium

Given the popularity of YouTube, it was to be expected that there would be a way to avoid the ads shown by this video platform. One option is to use a browser such as Brave – or ad blocking plugins – but that doesn’t work when using the actual YouTube app. Google’s native approach, known as YouTube Premium, has some benefits to it. 

It removes the ads, allows for playing in the background, and so forth. Whether this warrants the price tag, depends on how often one uses the YouTube app and whether one is really annoyed by the advertisements. The added bonus of being able to access YouTube Original shows may be interesting, although most of these shows are canned after their first season. 

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