4 Upcoming Augur Changes To Look Forward To

CryptoMode Augur v2 REP

Augur is one of the prominent prediction markets in the industry today. As this platform is now entering its next stage of evolution, there will be some intriguing developments to look forward to. Running on the Ethereum blockchain proved viable initially, but the current situation isn’t sustainable.

Layer Two Integration

One of the more intriguing and pressing developments is avoiding the scalability issues of the Ethereum network. Dealing with high fees and sometimes slow transactions is never a viable option. Augur’s team acknowledges this problem and aims to shift to layer-two solutions. Several layers can be explored for better performance and lower fees.

It appears the Augur team intends to explore The Graph as a first solution. An interesting option, although it remains to be seen whether this will be the only layer-two solution to be integrated. There are many options to explore shortly, at least until Ethereum 2.0 becomes the main chain. Even then, there is no indication the demand for layer-two scaling will diminish.

Balancer V2 Support

In a somewhat surprising turn of events, Augur will also integrate with Balancer v2. More specifically, the team will leverage the outcome tokens of the prediction market to support multiple outcome AMMs. Additionally, the integration facilitates using other tokens as currency to trade for Augur outcome tokens. An interesting way to create more liquidity for these tokens.

Sportsbook UI

One of the bigger developments to look forward to is the addition of a sportsbook UI for Augur. Sports and prediction markets go hand in hand, although the combination has not been approached in a meaningful manner as of yet. For those who are not familiar with cryptocurrencies, this approach can make Augur more approachable. 

Managing Liquidity provision

One of the aspects of running a blockchain project to keep tabs on is how its native asset is affected by liquidity provision. For Augur, the current goal is to control slippage on LP deposits and trades. Although other networks and tokens may suffer worse than Augur, it is interesting to see the team tackle this matter head-on. 

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