4 Tokens Surging In Search Popularity Across Crypto Aggregators This Week


It is always worthwhile to figure out which projects people are looking up across crypto data aggregators. The results from CoinGecko, CoinMarketpCap, and CryptoRank differ greatly, which is exciting. All tokens on the list are worth keeping tabs on, though.

LooksRare (LOOKS)

No one will be surprised to learn the most recent token airdrop has people excited. While the long-term impact of the LooksRare NFT marketplace remains to be determined, there is some excitement surrounding the token airdrop. The big question is whether $LOOKS can perform better than the GasDAO and $SOS airdrops, both of which have crumbled in value. Interestingly, interest in LooksRare only exists on CoinGecko, and is less outspoken on CoinmarketCap and CryptoRank.

Hector (HEC)

Users on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap show a strong interest in the Hector project, or more specifically, the Hector DAO. The project provides a treasury reserve through LP fees and Bond sales, staking rewards with compounding yields, and an adjusting APY through Hector’s treasury. More inflow means a higher balance, backing outstanding HEC tokens and a potentially higher staking APY. 

Solana (SOL)

Overall interest in Solana and the native SOL token rises, at least where search volume on CoinmarketCap and CryptoRank is concerned. Like other significant crypto assets, Solana has lost a bit of value in recent weeks. However, the ecosystem remains of great value, and traders remain keen on the token. The increase in aggregator search volume may not yield an immediate price change, yet it remains interesting to keep an eye on.

Gods Unchained (GODS)

As one of the original trading card-oriented blockchain games, Gods Unchained continues to remain relevant in an ever-competitive industry. Interest in the GODS token is rising across CoinGecko and CryptoRank, indicating something might be brewing in that ecosystem. While new games come to market nearly every week, it remains essential to pay close attention to the projects that came before them. 

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