4 Tokens On XRPL Worth Paying Attention To

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Most people associate the XRP ledger with the XRP currency issued by Ripple. While that is the primary token on this network, there are nearly 2,000 others to consider. The following four tokens are worth exploring, as they have a strong standing in the XRPL token rankings.

ELS ($119.9 million)

Elysian (ELS) is one of the many tokens created on the XRP ledger and represents a share of the A-E Ecosystem. The first entity to adopt Elysian is Aesthetes, an Italian company merging fine art and blockchain. Moreover, it has established the first marketplace for Phygital NFTs, combining real and digital artwork. It is an intriguing token that aims to leverage the benefits of XRPL by exploring art-related opportunities.

VGB ($77.9 million)

VGB is the native token of the Vagabond ecosystem, an operating system providing decentralized business applications. The blockchain-as-a-service solution helps businesses and individuals to create decentralized applications for various use cases. It is worth noting. Vagabond also runs on the Binance Smart Chain and supports NFTs on both networks.  

Bitcoin ($30.78 million)

It may come as a surprise to some, but there is over $30 million worth of Bitcoin on the XRP Ledger today. Tokenizing the world’s leading cryptocurrency happens on other chains too, and the XRPL is no exception. Surprisingly, it is one of the most significant assets by market cap today, even if its trading volume is under $40,000. 

Ethereum ($34.16 million)

Interestingly, there is more tokenized Ether on the XRP Ledger compared to tokenized BTC. It seems to indicate users favor Ethereum over Bitcoin in this setting. Additionally, the tokenized ETH has over $2 million in trading volume, making it more appealing to users. It seems plausible to assume other major crypto tokens will get tokenized on XRPL sooner or later.

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