4 Things To Consider Before Investing In Axie Infinity During Or After Season 18

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Axie Infinity is currently the most popular play-to-earn blockchain game in the industry. Its PvE and PvP combat concept attracts much attention, as players look at the game as a money-making opportunity. The recently released season 18 notes, however, leave the community somewhat divided. 

Significantly Reduced SLP Earning

The biggest change coming to Axie Infinity in Season 18 is how Smooth Love Potions (SLP) are earned. Players need these potions to breed Axies or sell them on the secondary market for financial gain. Up until now, users would earn SLP through the campaign and adventure mode, netting players 100 SLP or roughly $16 per day. That rate will reduce to 50 SLP a day, effectively cutting into player’s profits or money to earn back the original investment they made when purchasing Axies.

Moreover, the daily quest completion bonus is reduced to 25 SLP, down by 50%, and the focus will shift entirely to player-vs-player arena combat. While there is nothing wrong with players earning money through the PvE mode, it doesn’t require much skill compared to building an arena team. As such, the Axie Infinity developers want to reward those who actively play against other players by introducing faster scaling SLP rewards at higher ratings.

The primary reason for this change is the “imbalance” between SLP minted and the amount being burned. It results in the SLP value continually dropping, creating much dismay among players globally. However, cutting down the rewards by 50% doesn’t mean the SLP price will suddenly go up by 100% either. Some initial price excitement existed, but that uptrend meets some resistance at the time of writing. 

Arena is The Real End-Game

Unfortunately for those players who invested in PvE-oriented teams, this change will introduce some tough decisions. Building an arena team requires a very different approach from farming the campaign and adventure mode. Some players will likely need to buy additional Axies to remain competitive. However, some people are concerned this makes Axie Infinity a pay-to-win game, as those with more money can buy the best Axies and ensure other players barely get any wins.

However, the developers want to ensure that casual players entering the arena get matched with new players at the same skill level. Assuming the team can pull this off, it should become more fun for everyone to play in the arena. However, the question is whether “smurfing” will remain an issue in the game, and if so, how the team will punish bad behavior by players. 

A Big Change For Scholarships

One intriguing feature of Axie Infinity is its scholarships. Mentors could recruit players without making an upfront investment. However, players have to share their in-game earnings with their mentor. It is a powerful system, yet one that is also open to a lot of abuse. It will become essential to train scholars for the arena, rather than giving new players the cheapest Axies. A welcome change, all things considered.

More Changes May Be Coming

In the short term, the Axie Infinity team may look at specific in-game mechanics and adjust where necessary. For instance, the AXS breeding fee is currently relatively high and may warrant changing soon. Additionally, the amount of SLP needed to breed Axies may be increased in the future. That will only happen if the balance between mining and burning SLP remains skewed. Of course, that last change will make even more players unhappy but seems like a necessary adjustment. 

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