4 Small-cap Metaverse Coins Making Moves This Week

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Many people keep close tabs on the metaverse currencies and the opportunities they may represent. More specifically, there are hundreds of altcoins in that market segment, although some of them may never stick around for long. The following small-cap metaverse coins noted some decent price momentum this week, although users should carefully research projects before investing.

Meta Doge (METADOGE)

There is no shortage of cryptocurrencies with a dog theme these days. Many projects aim to mimic Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, and Meta Doge wants to become the next major small-cap metaverse coin. Although it is a very affordable currency – it costs $0.0000000010 to buy METADOGE – it has noted a weekly price gain of 61.8%. However, its market cap sits above $1 million, and there is under $23,000 in daily trading volume on Uniswap V2 and Pancakeswap. The choice for Uniswap V2 is rather intriguing, and the currency will be part of the Metadoge Metaverse 3D game with NFT dogs. 

MegaCryptoPolis (MEGA)

Many people would assume the name “MEGA” with the popular file hosting service. However, it is also the price ticker of MegaCryptoPolis, a decentralized city builder game with big metaverse aspirations. It has been a wild ride for MEGA, as it hit $76.72 over a year ago, but is now down to $2.88. There is still a weekly price increase of 51.7%, though, which may offer some hope for those willing to take big risks. 


Rewards-based cryptocurrencies can have a long shelf life, assuming there is an ongoing demand for them. VFOX tackles the concept through a fully immersive discovery shopping and retail experience in the metaverse. It is another small-cap metaverse coin with a market cap of under $4 million and less than $20,000 in daily trading volume. The weekly price gain of 10% is very impressive, although the current barely trades above the all-time high, recorded on June 29, 2020. 

Onston (ONSTON)

The final small-cap metaverse coin to keep an eye on for this week is Onston. Its $1.4 million market cap and $228,000 in trading volume make for an appealing combination for those with a risk appetite. ONSTON is designed to link all members of the metaverse by establishing an ecosystem integrating various metaverse. That includes games, economics, culture, and communication solution. A very ambitious goal, but the token trades on KuCoin, MEXC, and Huobi Global. Its weekly gain of 8.4% may not be too impressive, but the all-time low recorded five days ago seems to serve as a bounce level. 

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