4 Recent NFT Thefts Highlighting Industry Pain Points


While many people remain interested in non-fungible tokens, the industry needs to clean up better. NFT thefts are still very common and will affect many people. Putting an end to this activity is problematic, but something needs to change sooner rather than later. 

Kijo Steals From Zeen Chin

It is not easy being a freelance illustrator these days. While the internet can provide broad exposure, it also seems to incentivize NFT thefts. Zeen Chin, a freelance illustrator and concept artist, saw one of their works suddenly being sold as an NFT. The original work is over two years old yet has become “part” of the Kijo NFT project. Kijo claims to offer 1,111 hand-drawn demon girl NFTs, yet it appears they don’t mind taking other people’s work. 

Dangiuz Rips Off Valentin Winkelmann

The story involving Dangiuz and Valentin Winkelmann is one of the more obnoxious examples of all NFT thefts to date. Winkelmann is not involved in NFTs and owns a $35 design of a 3D steampunk chair. That chair was “taken” by Dangiuz – a top NFT artist on SuperRare – and turned into an NFT collection of 999 steampunk-style chairs, dubbed “The Chair”.

Had it sold out, Dangiuz would’ve made $1.5 million, as every NFT was put up for sale for $1,500. Interestingly, Dangiuz bought a 3D model from Winkelmann, knowing too well they are not for reproduction or commercial use. Clearly malicious intent, but that is far more common in the NFT world these days.

MetaNoir vs Future Believers

The Future Believers collection consists of artwork stolen from MetaNoir, an independent digital artist active on the OpenSea marketplace. The Future Believers team even created fake Twitter profiles to make it seem as if MetaNoir was part of their team, even though there is no affiliation whatsoever. It is not the first time MetaNoir has fallen victim to such NFT thefts, as the artist has been involved in three incidents in the past year. One can only shake their head in disgust.

Medichi Steals From Wenqing Yan

Although the MedichiNFT account on Twitter has either been removed or banned from the platform, it remains worth mentioning this incident. The team behind this collection took artwork from Wenqing Yan, an artist who is formally opposed to non-fungible tokens due to their environmental impact. Unfortunately, Wenqing Yan is still a recent victim of NFT thefts, as their artwork showed up in the Medichi NFT collection. 

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