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4 Recent Monero Developments you may Have Missed

Every individual cryptocurrency ecosystem needs to keep evolving and growing. For Monero, there is a lot of growth taking place lately. Below are just some of the recent announcements more people should be aware of. 

More Wallets Support Monero

Getting more people to use XMR will require an increase in the number of wallets supporting Monero. So far, things have been progressing rather nicely. In fact, two more wallets have supported XMR in the past few days. 

Both Trustee Wallet and Atomic Wallet can now be used by XMR enthusiasts. Considering how this currency has been around for years, nearly every wallet should offer native Monero support. That is, at least for now, not the case just yet. 

Extra Merchandise is Always Welcome

Spreading the word about different cryptocurrencies requires dedicated marketing efforts. One of the best – yet often overlooked – marketing efforts is the use of clothing and apparel. XMR users can represent this “brand” with the help of extra custom designs added to Crypto Cove. 

Although the team already had a Monero collection on the platform, expanding it is pertinent. The current collection includes backpacks, face masks, t-shirts, hoodies, and much more. All items have fair prices, and everything appears to be in stock, at the time of writing. 

An OBS Tipping Solution?

One of the new projects announced by community members goes by the name of TipXMR. It appears to be a Monero tipbot that acts as a non-custodial donation service for OBS. While it is still in the early stages of development, the project is worthwhile.

It is also interesting to note how a prototype is already available. The project is open to comments from the public, and has received some valuable feedback to date. There are still certain aspects to improve upon, but so far, TipXMR is proving to be a great addition. 

Monero-cpp has Arrived

Perhaps the most interesting new development is the launch of Monero-cpp. It is a new repository as part of the Monero Ecosystem venture. Monero-cpp is C++ library for using a XMR wallet by wrapping the Core’s C++ wallet. 

At its core, this new repository is a welcome addition to the overall ecosystem. It shows that development is still going strong. Gathering all of the “relevant” repositories into one Monero Ecosystem Project makes it easier for onlookers to contribute. 

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