4 Recent Blockchain Gaming Funding Rounds To Watch

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Even though the past few months weren’t too great for cryptocurrencies, blockchain gaming remains a thriving industry. Several gaming ventures have successful funding rounds worth millions of dollars. That doesn’t mean these games will have long-term success, but investors continue to keep close tabs on industry proceedings. 

Azra Games ($15 Million)

The team behind Azra Games recently secured $15 million in seed funding. That is an impressive figure in crypto-related funding rounds, although it has slowly become the norm for blockchain games. Participants in this round include Andreessen Horowitz, Coinbase Ventures, NFX, Play Ventures, and ROK Capital. The Azra Games project encompasses the game studio of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, a Web3 RPG for core gamers.

FreshCut ($15 Million)

The FreshCut team raised the same amount as Azra Games through a seed round. It is good to see successful funding rounds for blockchain games, as they still represent a tremendous market. Notable investors include Polygon, Animoca Brands, Galaxy Digital, Hashed, and Republic Crypto. Moreover, FreshCut wants to explore short-form gaming content, which could prove rather intriguing.

Metatheory ($24 Million)

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Investors are keen to throw big money at blockchain games during these funding rounds. Metatheory, a technology-driven entertainment company focused on Web3 games and interactive media, secured $24 million through a Series A funding round. Andreessen Horowitz helped secure the capital, enabling the team to begin exploring new frontiers. It is a good chunk of cash that can open many doors for the team over the coming months.

The Unfettered ($2.5 million)

The primary focus in blockchain gaming has been on PvP content rather than building a solid narrative. The Unfettered aims to do things differently through their AA-level story-based game featuring play-to-earn, NFT, and metaverse concepts. With the help of $2.5 million secured through its funding round, the team can begin making its mark on the industry. Investors include Gains Associates, AU21 Capital, BreederDAO, Gate.io Labs, Momentum 6, etc. 

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