4 Recent And Ongoing Internet Computer (ICP) Developments You May Have Missed


Every cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem is home to ongoing developments. For some, there can be months between important updates, whereas others have a higher pace. Internet Computer (ICP) has seen some major developments recently, explaining why the ICP price is going up again. 

Developer Grants By DFINITY Foundation

As the Internet Computer ecosystem is still under development, there is a growing demand for new services and solutions. However, without the necessary developers to bring these concepts to fruition, that vision will not come to fruition. The DFINITY Foundation acknowledges that offering grants to developers and teams can help move things along.

Roughly two weeks ago, the first grants, worth $1 million in total, were awarded. Several dozen developer and entrepreneur teams have received their share of the grants, allowing them to keep building their project and services. Focus areas for grants include dApps, open internet, developer tooling, infrastructure, etc. With hundreds of projects running and in development, things are coming together for Internet Computer. 

Smart Contract Canister Memory Upgrade?

As smart contracts play a crucial role for Internet Computer, the memory of these contracts’ canisters is of great importance. Currently, the canisters have a memory limit of 4GB. That may not prove sufficient depending on how complex the applications are. Although the community actively proposes it, it is not set in stone to increase the memory to 300 GB.

Assuming the proposal passes, there still needs to be an NNS proposal to upgrade the IC network. Should the proposal fail, the team will abandon the plan altogether. However, it is something to look forward to, as such an upgrade is beneficial to the Internet Computer ecosystem. Advancing the network through upgrades that are relatively easy to pull off is always worthwhile. 

Plug Now Supports Internet Computer NFTs

As every blockchain or decentralized ecosystem needs some form of NFT functionality, it isn’t surprising to see Internet Computer forge ahead. While the number of NFT projects on this blockchain remains limited, the Plug wallet now lets users hold, view, and send non-fungible tokens. The first supported project will be ICPunks, slated for release soon. 

Over time, the Plug team will support additional NFT collections. ICPunks is the first automatically surfaced NFT, but they will become easier to integrate as more projects are created. Moreover, the team sees merit in ICPunks’ approach of adding sale listings and purchases into the NFT contract or canister itself. 

ICmojis NFT Airdrop

As NFTs become more important in the Internet Computer ecosystem, there will be different approaches to get them in the hands of users. ICmojis, an EXT token standard NFT project, will airdrop to holders in mid-September. Currently, the collection is found in Entrepot, and can be purchased with ICP, the native currency of Internet Computer. There do not appear to be any rare NFTs, though, as every design has been minted 50 times. 

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