4 Reasons To Get Excited About The New Umbrel Software

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The Umbrel team has recently introduced a new version of their software. What started out as a convenient way to set up a Bitcoin node is now a personal server OS. In addition, several new additions and changes have been made to make Umbrel’s offering seem more appealing to those inside and outside of the cryptocurrency industry today.

Umbrel Becomes A Personal Server OS

It is refreshing to see the Umbreal team do so much more with its software kit than running a Bitcoin or Lightning Network node. While both options remain on the table, users now have many more options and opportunities at their disposal. That includes retaking control of one’s data and achieving self-sovereignty online. These aspects are crucial in an era where online surveillance is the norm rather than an exception. 

The Umbrel team has made a few core changes to the way its software operates. Users who want to run a Bitcoin and Lightning node can do so, but there are numerous other options to dive into. The Umbrel App Store, which launched a few months ago, paves the way for building an open-source personal server operating system that anyone can use to their heart’s content.

More Applications To Explore

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The Umbrel AppS tore has been beefed up with nearly a dozen new applications. These tools can help users set up a personal cloud, host photo and video content, serve as a password manager, block online advertisements, and much more. There are many options to explore, which is rather powerful as one can run the new Umbrel software on a Raspberry Pi 4 with ease.

As the App Store consists of open-source projects, it will be interesting to see what else developers will come up with. These tools need to run on very lightweight hardware, yet there are a few options to explore that aren’t CPU intensive. These applications empower the end-user and allow them to break free from the monopolistic nature of technology giants and their software.

More Statistics For Users

Another exciting addition to Umbrel’s new update is the ability to view storage and RAM usage and CPU temperature in the settings. A Raspberry Pi has somewhat limited hardware resources, thus users need to make sure everything keeps running as smoothly as possible. Having these statistics available to users in an accessible manner allows for providing better services and combining the right tools and applications to suit one’s needs.

Bitcoin Functionality Remains

Some users might worry that this new upgrade will make running a Bitcoin or Lightning node a bit more complex. That is not the case, as Bitcoin Core and LND remain installed by default. Those will migrate to the App Store in the future, giving users a “clean slate” when they first run the Umbrel software. Bitcoin software is an opt-in solution, as not everyone will download this software for that particular purpose.

In the future, the team wants to encourage multiple Bitcoin and Lightning implementations to become available in the App Store. Although Bitcoin Core and LND are reliable solutions, giving users more options is never a bad idea. In addition, different implementations have their benefits that may cater more to a user’s needs. 

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