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4 reasons not to use your NFT on Facebook or Instagram Profiles

Have you ever wanted to show your crypto portfolio on Facebook or Instagram? There’s nothing like getting a bunch of likes from your friends when they see you have all these fancy digital assets! But maybe you should think twice about this plan. After all, there are several reasons why using an NFT as a profile picture can be problematic:

Your non-fungible token will be on the internet forever

When you delete a photo from your phone or computer, it’s gone. Forever. You can’t go back and grab it to post it on social media again later.

But NFTs aren’t like photos. They’re stored in the blockchain, which means they can be copied and shared by anyone who has access to the internet and knows how to use a computer (which is everyone). And once someone has your NFT, they can reuse it as often as they want!

As a result, the value of NFTs isn’t in their ownership but in how many people are interested in them. If lots of people want your NFTs, then they’ll be worth more than if only a few people do.

An NFT is a valuable marker of high value in some people’s eyes

An NFT is a valuable marker of high value in some people’s eyes. If you have an NFT and you post it on your Facebook or Instagram profile picture, there are two significant risks:

Some people will want to steal your NFT.

Some people will want to sell your NFT (either because they don’t care that they’re stealing it or because they think the value of the item is so high that it’s worth the risk).

Either way, this could lead to identity theft; posting an item with such a high market value online means that anyone who sees it can try their hand at selling off your hard-earned goods for themselves!

Using an NFT as a profile picture can have unintended consequences for your privacy

If you’re not already aware, NFTs are valuable. But unfortunately, they can be stolen and sold to other people who want to use them for nefarious purposes. For example, someone could steal a valuable NFT from you and use it to scam people into purchasing things from their own accounts. Or maybe they’ll try to impersonate you on social media with the stolen NFT?

Or what if someone steals your rarest NFT and threatens to release all of your private information if you don’t pay them off? Imagine how embarrassing that would be!

There’s no reason to share any of this information with strangers on Instagram!

You definitely shouldn’t share your NFT on Facebook or Instagram. The reason is simple: you don’t know what people will do with it, and you’re not responsible for their actions.

You might think that sharing an image of your NFT would be great for marketing because it would show that one can use it in the real world. But if someone were to misuse your NFT—say, as a profile picture on Facebook or Instagram—and then post hateful content about you or make threats against you, where does the responsibility lie? 

Does it fall on you to have shared the image in the first place? Would this mean that everyone who uses any part of someone else’s identity should take full responsibility for their actions? We think not!

Conclusion: Not suited for Facebook or Instagram

These are just a few reasons to be wary of using your non-fungible token as your profile picture. While you don’t have to worry about someone stealing your NFT, there are still plenty of reasons why it might not be a great idea to use it for this purpose.

We hope that by reading through this article, you’ve been reminded how important privacy is when dealing with any online platform like Instagram or Facebook.

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Aia Schrijvers

Aia is a Dutch writer who recently ventured into cryptocurrency, blockchain, and finance. She will share her thoughts through detailed guides and content pieces.

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