4 Polygon Blockchain Games To Watch In 2023

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Blockchain gaming remains a prominent trend in the cryptocurrency industry. Numerous play-to-earn and free-to-play titles compete for market traction. Polygon has emerged as a core ecosystem for such games, and one of its titles is in the global industry’s top three.

Benji Bananas

Data provided by Thirdwave confirms Benji Bananas – developed by Animoca Brands – remains the top-tier blockchain game on Polygon. It has nearly 100,000 weekly active wallets, a 26% increase compared to last week. However, it retains 29.2% of its players, which is relatively low and needs improvement. In addition, the game requires owning a Membership Pass NFT to access the play-to-earn features. However, the title is a free-to-play mobile game for iOS and Android with action-adventure mechanics. The game also runs on Ethereum and ranks #10 in blockchain games across all networks. 

Planet IX 

Although the game’s title might not be too flashy, players flock to Planet IX. The game is developed by Nibiru Software and has close to 54,000 weekly active wallets. That is an 8.7% increase WoW. More importantly, Planet IX has a 51.3% retention rate, which is rather spectacular. The NFT-based strategy game is part of a sci-fi metaverse and an ecosystem with over 400 million NFTs sold. It ranks #3 in blockchain gaming, behind Splinterlands and Alien Worlds. 

Arc8 by GAMEE

As the title suggests, Arc8 is a blockchain game on Polygon developed by GAMEE. With over 23,000 weekly active wallets, it is one of the more successful Polygon games, even if that is a 10% weekly decrease. However, the retention of 38.9% is pretty decent, even if it could be a bit higher. In the game, players engage in arcade gaming with crypto elements. Gamers earn GMEE tokens across games by beating higher scores and progressing further. The game ranks #15 in games, confirming its overall appeal.

Ultimate Champions

The final game on the list is Ultimate Champions, developed by UNAGI. It is a free-to-play fantasy football game with officially licensed digital cards in NFT format. With 7.7k weekly active wallets – a decrease of 9.27% – it is a prominent game on the Polygon chain. Its retention of 37.7% is on par with Arc8 and higher than Benji Bananas. Ultimate Champions runs on Polygon and Ethereum and ranks #37 in blockchain gaming. 

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