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4 Polkadot Projects Introducing Privacy-Oriented Solutions

Several projects leveraging the Polkadot ecosystem are currently in development. On the privacy front, four solutions stand out. Achieving online privacy has become increasingly tricky recently; thus, any protocol-based solution will be of great importance. 

Advanca (Compute / Storage)

Advance Network is one of the projects looking to provide a privacy-preserving infrastructure for Dapps built on Polkadot. Storage notes can maintain a  high degree of privacy to conceal data access patterns. It is also a cross-chain solution, which can bring this degree of privacy to other ecosystems. Having the infrastructure for computing and storage Dapps in a privacy-oriented manner will be something worth keeping tabs on.

Encointer (Sovereign Identity System)

Over the past decade, numerous attempts have been launched to redesign money. Encointer throws its hat into the ring by applying blockchain technology to “create the money of tomorrow”. A testnet is available for this project, and there is a mobile phone application as well. Creating local community money can introduce a degree of financial privacy and perhaps even lead to a universal basic income. 

GunClear (Private and Secure Data Storage)

The GunClear project is intriguing, as it wants to build the “future firearms community through its digital application” on Polkadot. It is a tool for gun owners, retailers, and manufacturers who want to tap into a digital solution. Managing firearms and ammunition and compliance documents and permits are just some of the functions to explore. All data will be confidential, introducing an extra layer of privacy for gun owners.

Supercomputing Systems AG (Transaction Privacy)

Through the Trusted Execution Environment, Supercomputing Systems AG has built an off-chain computing framework known as SubstraTEE. Its core mission is to enhance privacy for all Substrate-based blockchains. This can lead to private crypto transactions, private voting, and removing trusted intermediaries from cryptocurrency ross-chain swaps. 

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