4 Play-to-earn DApps Noting A Monthly User Growth Of Over 7,000%

CryptoMode Blockchain Gaming Takeaways Play-to-earn

While some people will analyze play-to-earn projects based on how much they can earn, it remains crucial to look at the user base. Having more monthly users will often prove beneficial in the long turn. Several games and DApps note strong growth in this segment, confirming there is still much excitement in this industry. 


The name of the game describes it rather well: players need to generate the best possible computing power. Additionally, gamers win PWRs by fighting enemies. A very simple concept makes this DApp on the Binance Smart Chain very appealing. The monthly user growth of 545,759% is significant, although the DApp has under 11,000 monthly users, indicating it is still in a user discovery phase. 


The concept of colonizing Mars intrigues many people. It is also a great background setting for play-to-earn DApps, such as Marscolony on Harmony ONE. It also features a unique NFT-land ownership feature, DeFi-based liquidity mining, and will have players colonize space. Thanks to a 181,000% user base increase, Marscolony now has  2,700 users in the past month. 

Sunflower Farmers

Sunflower Farmers is a cute-looking game where players are tasked with growing sunflowers and farming them whenever possible. The game featured endless possibilities and lets payers Plant, Craft, Mine, Chop, Fish, Fight, and much more. While the game caused some network congestion on Polygon, these issues have now been resolved, and the ecosystem is growing nicely. A near 65,000% user growth gives the game just under 480,000 players, although sustaining that number won’t be easy. 


Monster-themed play-to-earn games and DApps always tend to do well. Users enjoy the concept of battling enemies, collecting rewards, and completing missions. PetKingdom runs on the Binance Smart Chain and has roughly 3,300 monthly users. That is a strong 7,091% increase, although there is room for further growth. 

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