4 New Promising Developments Involving Ripple and XRP

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Even though the past few months have not been easy for Ripple or the XRP community, there is always some positive news on the horizon. Several developments are occurring behind the scenes to move the ecosystem along despite the odds. All of these 

Ripple And CBDCs May Happen

As a network capable of supporting the financial system in many different ways, Ripple brings viable technology to the table. You can find its products and services across various services and institutions. In the future, the network may even support stablecoins or even central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). That latter aspect would be rather intriguing to keep an eye on. 

For now, it remains unclear how banks will handle the concept of digital currencies in the future. There have been many rumors regarding CBDCs, yet very few ideas have been put into practice. Putting the necessary infrastructure in place is always worthwhile, though.

The Ongoing SEC Spat

The big news of the past few months is how the SEC is going after Ripple and its XRP asset. While an agreement between both parties seems nigh impossible, it remains unclear what the future will hold exactly. In a recent update, the complaint against Ripple Labs Inc. has been amended, providing some new insights into what may happen in the coming weeks. 

Ripple General Counsel Stuart Alderoty seemingly remains hopeful about the entire situation. There is still no clear indication of Ripple doing anything wrong, and this amendment makes it seem as if a settlement is not off the table just yet. Coming to an agreement may be the best for both parties. 

Kava Labs And XRP

Ever since the Kava DeFi project started taking shape, the developers have been looking for ways to support multiple assets. One of the assets on the list is Ripple’s XRP, which may benefit from DeFi functionality soon. 

When that happens exactly is a different matter, but the integration is still on the agenda. Moreover, there is no indication as to how many people may use XRP for these purposes. 

RippleX Is Hiring

It would appear the team at RippleX is looking to hire a few new employees. One of the job openings pertains to a manager position for international markets in Singapore. Interested employees need to understand the XRP trading markets, be capable of building robust analytics and data-driven visualizations, and have over eight years of experience. 

This opening confirms there is still plenty of activity behind the scenes of Ripple and its subsidiary companies. Disrupting the remittance industry is an ongoing battle, and there is plenty of room for future improvements. 

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