4 Major GameFi Projects Being Built On Polygon Today

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GameFi projects present a crucial gateway to bringing more people into the cryptocurrency fold. Combining gaming and earning into a compelling ecosystem can elevate blockchain gaming initiatives. Thanks to its better speed, throughput, and efficiency, Polygon presents a solid infrastructure layer to build on. 

TOWER Token (Crazy Defense Heroes)

The TOWER token serves as the utility asset for the Crazy Defense Heroes play-to-earn game. It is a free-to-play tower defense game with RPG elements, card collecting, and multiplayer battles, currently available on iOS and Android. Players can earn tokens by completing various content, including events, quests, and leaderboard rewards. Additionally, TOWER Token is used in Crazy Kings, another mobile tower defense game. It will also be part of the in-development PC game.


Most play-to-earn enthusiasts will know Pegaxy, as it is a popular GameFi project. There is a growing demand for exposure to metaverse racing, including with animals. Pegaxy lets players race, breed, rent, and earn in the virtual world. Moreover, the team recently updated various aspects of the game, including the marketplace, better breeding, lobby selection, etc. There is more in the pipelines, ensuring Pegaxy players will benefit from an optimal GameFi experience. 

Realms of Ethernity

MMORPGs with play-to-earn mechanics may be the biggest catalyst for global GameFi adoption. Realms of Ethernity will feature plenty o lore and quests for players to explore and go through, rewarding them with progression materials and tokens alike. Several large regions are in development today, making this a vast game world to conquer. An alpha version of the game will become available in Q1 2023. 


Trading card games with GameFi elements always attract a large group of players. Skyweaver, built on Polygon, will feature a trading card game – accessible without upfront investment – where players can own and trade their NFT cards. Players can access the game today as it is in open beta, with clients for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. 

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