4 Liquid Staking Providers Besides Lido That Continue To Build Momentum

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Whereas Ldo is the clear liquid staking leader for the Ethereum ecosystem, competitors have emerged on other chains. It will take a good while to catch up in TVL terms, but a diversified landscape is always beneficial. Below are a few other liquid staking service providers users continue showing keen interest in. 

Ankr (Multi-chain)

Most people will have come across the Ankr name in their crypto journey. It is a long-standing liquid staking provider that is active across all of the major DeFi-focused networks. With support for ETH, BNB, AVAX, DOT, FTM, and KSM, the project holds its own at nearly $115 million in Total Value Locked. Interestingly, Ethereum represents the majority of TVL at over $93 million.

Marinade Finance (Solana)

Liquid staking is somewhat popular on the Solana network. Marinade Finance is one of the service providers on that front and represents over $243 million in Total Value Locked. Like other DeFi protocols, it will prove tricky to return to the glory days of over $1.8 billion in TVL, especially given the current market conditions. Even so, the protocol recently noted a small bump, which could be a promising sign.

Benqi (Avax)

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While the Benqi platform supports various assets, we are looking at its AVAX staking in this instance. The liquid staking protocol has noted some success on the Avalanche chain recently, although its TVL has yet to surpass $100 million again. However, the protocol recently dipped to roughly $50 million in Total Value Locked and has climbed back up to over $97 million. Solid growth, especially for liquid staking.

ThunderPOKT (Pocket Network)

If you’ve never heard of Pocket Network, you are most likely not alone. However, every network can use a liquid staking platform, and ThunderPOKT seems to be the go-to solution in this particular ecosystem. Although $3.33 million in Total Value locked might ot be significant, it is still decent for a provider on a network most people don’t even know exists. Thanks to a recent increase in liquidity, the platform saw its TVL increase by nearly 30%. 

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