4 key Electroneum Updates Paving the way for Broader Adoption

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The Electroneum team is intent on taking this project to a whole new level. Several major announcements have been made in quick succession. A new marketing push is a great way to kickstart these new efforts.

Electroneum Marketing Push

It has been difficult for alternative crypto assets to make their mark on the industry. Without sufficient marketing efforts, that situation will not change either. The Electroneum team acknowledges that something will need to change in the near future. Signing multiple major marketing agreements is one way to get the ball rolling. 

Spreading the word about ETN through popular Bitcoin and crypto podcasts is a smart advertising strategy. Although most people may not acknowledge it, podcasts are an efficient marketing method that can reach a very big audience. Both The Funky Crypto Podcast and Bad Crypto Podcast have their own audiences that can benefit from Electroneum’s ecosystem.

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Not only will these marketing agreements focus on Electroneum, but also AnyTask. This job platform for ETN users has proven to be very successful since its inception. Allowing users to find others willing to complete tasks in exchange for money can make a difference for a lot of freelancers.

Instant Exchange Update

On the development side of things, there are some changes brewing behind the scenes. An instant exchange for ETN users will be integrated shortly. It is one of the projects that has been in development for a while now, yet had to undergo thorough testing first. That testing phase has now come to an end.

If everything goes according to plan, the exchange integration will occur in the next seven days. The instant exchange allows users in 48 countries to buy ETN directly with fiat currencies. It is equally possible to exchange ETN for over 120 cryptocurrencies. A very prominent development to take Electroneum to a whole new level.

Other Electroneum Developments to Look out for

Other than the instant exchange, there are still other developments taking place. First of all, there will be an overhaul of the AML system. Multiple developers are working on this aspect. It is an integral part of ensuring new user signups can be validated and processed fairly quickly.

Second, it is now possible to use integrated wallet addresses through the my.electroneum.com platform. This functionality will be brought to the mobile app as well, albeit it may take some time to fully complete this process. More information is expected to be revealed in the next few days. 

AnyTask Keeps Growing

Behind the scenes, there are still a few improvements to be made where AnyTask is concerned. It is a powerful platform, yet the data collection needs to be streamlined further. Doing so will not only help the team, but also the external partners making use of the platform. Adding ETN as a payment method for tasks will be a rather interesting development to look forward to. 

Speaking of AnyTask, the platform has seen strong growth lately. With nearly 10,000 tasks posted, there is a strong community. Moreover, the website has over half a million registered users. Reaching such crucial milestones early on is a big deal. More improvements will be made overall to attract even more users.


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