4 key Altcoin Events in July 2020 you Don’t Want to Miss

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There is no such thing as a boring day in the cryptocurrency industry. Several altcoins will have upcoming events that may introduce some market changes accordingly. Statistics are provided by CryptoDiffer.

Verge Halving (XVG)

Although Verge has received a lot of flack over the years, the privacy-oriented altcoin remains incredibly popular among community members. Those community members will be pleased to hear that the XVG halving will occur in a few hours. 

Due to the block reward halving, the emission per block is reduced from 400 XVG to 200 XVG. Blocks will continue to be produced roughly 34 seconds apart on the network. Lowering the supply increase is crucial, as many popular crypto assets take a similar approach.

GRIN Mainnet Upgrade

The GRIN project is undergoing some pretty big changes. Considering how it is still a relatively “new” project, there is always room for improvements. A mainnet upgrade is slated to go into effect as of July 15.

On this date, there will also be a new fork for Grin version 4.0.0. Detailed information on what the new hard fork entails can be found here. Advancing the project and its core protocol is always something to look forward to.

Haven Protocol xUSD Mainnet

More stablecoin action will become apparent in the cryptocurrency space next week. Haven Protocol will launch the mainnet for its xUSD currency. This is a significant launch, considering how xUSD is designed to be a privacy stablecoin. Benefits include anonymous addresses, and Monero-esque privacy features. 

The impact of xUSD on the existing crypto market will be interesting to witness. All of the existing pegged currencies are as transparent as they can be. While that is not necessarily a bad thing, there is clearly a market for those who value privacy first and foremost. 

Augur V2 is Coming

It has been brewing or some time now, but the next iteration of the Augur platform will be released. One interesting tidbit is how token holders need to participate in future market forks. Failing to do so will result in being unable to utilize the REP or REPv2 tokens in future versions of Augur.

The REPv2 token is newly introduced in the upcoming version of this platform. Existing REP holders will be able to migrate their tokens, albeit this has to be done manually. The upgrade is slated for late July so there is still some time to prepare for this upcoming change. 

Author note: There are other events that may take place in July, albeit with an unconfirmed date. We will report on those on an individual basis as they occur. 

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