4 key Altcoin and DeFi Events Worth Looking Into During August 2020

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There are always some developments taking place in the cryptocurrency world. Fans of altcoins, the DeFi space, and staking will have plenty to look forward to. Not all of these upcoming events will have an impact on the price of specific tokens, though. 

TRON is Forking Uniswap

It was to be expected that more blockchains would look into exploring the DeFi market segment. The success of Ethereum has been well-documented. and shows no signs of slowing down. For TRON enthusiasts, the launch of JUSTSWAP is something to look forward to in late August. It is a TRON-oriented version of Uniswap, which should offer virtually the same functionality.

It is expected that this new platform will launch on August 17. Launch dates are always subject to change, especially in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world. How successful JUSTSWAP will turn out to be, is a different matter altogether. It can certainly change a few things, although there is no guarantee.

USDJ and JST DeFi Yield Farming

Speaking of the TRON ecosystem, there are a few other changes expected to go live later this month. If all things go according to plan, the USDJ stablecoin and JST token yield farming will commence in late August. TRON is very much intent on competing with Ethereum and other blockchains for DeFi solutions, which is bound to spark some fireworks. 

A lot of DeFi enthusiasts enjoy the concept of yield farming as of late. This is often done to obtain tokens that are likely to either rise in value, or at least retain their current price. What will happen with USDJ and JST yield farming exactly, is anyone’s guess. Building a viable – and valuable – ecosystem will be challenging. 

ARPA Goes DeFi

It appears as if decentralized finance is the only trend gaining real traction in the cryptocurrency space right now. ARPA is another project intent on exploring this space at an unknown date in August. Not only will the project launch liquidity mining, but there will be a “suite of DeFi products to launch”

More competition in the world of decentralized finance is always a good thing. It is crucial for users to explore different options, instead of maintaining a focus on just Ethereum. Whether any other ecosystem can effectively compete with Ethereum in the DeFi space, is a different matter altogether.

Akropolis Delphi Mainnet Launch

The Akropolis project serves as a decentralized and autonomous community economy-oriented platform where products are built to focus on savings and scalability. On paper, the ecosystem has a lot to offer, especially when looking at what is yet to come. 

One of the upcoming developments is the mainnet launch of the Delphi pool. This pool introduces automatic dollar-cost averaging for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Furthermore, it provides exposure to yield harvesting possibilities. It will be interesting to see what comes of this mainnet launch, as it may introduce some core changes. 

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