4 JustSwap Liquidity Pools Worth Checking out

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TRON has only recently begun to build up its own decentralized finance ecosystem. Primarily the JustSwap platform will play a big role in this ecosystem. So far, there has been plenty of liquidity for most markets, and the trading volume looks healthy too. 

USDT/TRX has the Highest Liquidity

Not too many will be surprised to learn that USDT/TRX is the main liquidity pair on JustSwap. Tether’s native stablecoin is issued on the TRON blockchain – among others – and pairing it with TRX is a logical decision. With over $133 million in liquidity and a trading volume of nearly $125 million in the past 7 days, this pair looks good. Those looking to become a JustSwap liquidity provider may want to give this pair a try. 

SUN/TRX Moves up Quickly

Not too long ago, TRX holders could engage in liquidity mining for the new SUN token. This token successfully hit a value of over $40, although the market has cooled off a bit ever since. Even so, it remains a very liquid market on JustSwap’s platform. With $62.5 million in liquidity and $46.46 million in weekly volume, it is another good option to check out. 

JST/TRX Claims the Third Sport

Another token native to TRON’s DeFi ecosystem is JST. While it has flown under many people’s radar, it is still making inroads as of late. This is apparent when looking at its liquidity and trading volume on JustSwap. Reaching $50 million in liquidity is a matter of time. Hitting $20 million in weekly volume may require a bit more time, though. 

USDJ Wants to Break out

A DeFi ecosystem would not be complete without the native stablecoin being of great use. For USDJ, it is a decent-sized liquidity pool on JustSwap. Pairing it with TRX generates nearly $7 million in liquidity, and roughly $11 million in weekly trading volume. It is evident that this stablecoin will have a tough time competing with USDT, but it will be one to keep an eye on regardless. 


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