4 Ethereum Forks You May Not Know About

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Over the past few years, there have been plenty of Bitcoin clones. All of these projects leverage the Bitcoin name in the hopes of getting more attention.. Ethereum has a fair few forks too, albeit most people have never heard of them. 

Ethereum Gold (ETG)

Similar to Bitcoin Gold – which serves no real purpose – the same applies to Ethereum Gold. This fork has been created some time ago to “decentralize payments of companies”.  As interesting as that may sound, there are no real improvements compared to the normal ETH blockchain to speak of.  One minor difference is the option to use “Private Send”, albeit it is unclear how well this solution really works. 

Value-wise, Ethereum Gold has not made much of an impact. This is common among forks of popular cryptocurrencies. Its current market cap sits at $372,379, with $4,087 in trading volume, Although ETG shouldn’t necessarily be on any exchange, the Vindax team has decided to explore this option regardless. It can be traded against USDT, BC, and ETH. 

Ethereum Gold Project (ETGP)

As if one fork of Ethereum wasn’t enough, forking the same fork  has taken place. There doesn’t appear to be much difference between the Ethereum Gold and Ethereum Gold Project forks. More specifically, neither of them serves a purpose, nor will it ever.

Interestingly, the ETGP fork is not even listed on any exchange, according to CoinGecko. This makes the aspect of a market cap somewhat surprising, but that isn’t entirely uncommon.  Another project best left ignored, for rather obvious reasons. 

Ethereum Cash (ECASH)

No one will really be surprised to learn how the Ethereum fork of Bitcoin Cash exists as well. Labeled as Ethereum Cash, or ECASH,  it has no place in the cryptocurrency space whatsoever. Even its website no longer works, as it automatically redirects to the Coinmarket.no domain. It makes one wonder if this team is responsible for this fork of Ethereum. 

Despite the lack of – well, everything – ECASH has a market cap of $56,000. It too has no exchanges listed any longer, albeit it was traded on the YoBit platform at some point. Again, it is best to skip this project altogether, as it will not do anyone any good.

Ethereum Meta (ETHM)

Any project with “Meta” in the name is bound to be taken seriously by someone. In Ethereum Meta‘s case, it is another one of the unsuccessful Ethereum forks. Surprisingly, its website still works, and the project apparently provides untraceable transactions “powered by smart contracts”. Direct anonymous payments would certainly be interesting, albeit no one seems to care much for ETHM these days

Speaking of which, Ethereum Meta has a market cap of over $13,600 and absolutely no trading volume whatsoever. That latter part isn’t surprising, as both CREX24 and STEX removed the pair fairly quickly after listing it. In hindsight, this might have been a very wise decision.

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