4 Currencies Yielding 100% or More In Annual Staking Rewards

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Staking cryptocurrencies remains one of the more appealing options to generate passive revenue. Finding the suitable currencies to stake, however, is a different matter. The following currencies have 100% or more annual rewards, even though careful research is needed before making financial commitments. StakingRewards provide the data below. 

Slavicoin (SLV)

As the mobile-first decentralized multichain DApp with cross-chain and layer-two solutions, Slavicoin has a lot to live up to. Nevertheless, it is intriguing, and users can stake SLV coins with relative ease. Annual rewards can be as high as 120%, although that will depend on how much money one contributes exactly. Naturally, higher amounts will earn better rewards. So far, just 4.17% of all SLV is being staked, which seems relatively low. 

Sifchain (ROWAN)

Thanks to an annual staking reward of 18%, ROWAN – the asset of Sifchain appears to be in somewhat high demand. Although roughly 11.5% of the supply is staked today, it seems to be a matter of time until that number increases. Sifchain aims to become an Omni-chain solution for decentralized exchanges to boost trading, security, and DAO governance. Users can opt to delegate ROWAN rather than run a validator, but there will be a fee to pay on all rewards. 

Axie Infinity (AXS)

The recent introduction of AXS staking is a significant milestone for the Axie Infinity project. While most people know it as a play-to-earn game, the native currency has many potential use cases. Staking AXS can yield up to 113.1% annual rewards, which remains impressive. In addition, over 31.6% of the supply is locked in staking today, which is impressive, considering layers need AXS to upgrade and breed their Axies. 


Combining social activities with auction mechanics can pave new pathways between influencers and their fans. SuperBid is confident there is a market for this approach, and time will tell if the team is correct. Until then, users may explore the staking of SUPERBID, which can yield annual rewards of 100%. For those who benefit(ed) from the Uniswap liquidity provider bonus, rewards went as high as 250%. 

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