4 Cryptos That Could Turn $100 Into $10,000 by 2026 ($EOS, $OP, $DOMI, $FLOW)

If you’ve been staying away from the crypto market due to a shortage of funds, it’s time you busted that myth and dipped your toes into the waters. Analysts say that even an amount as small as $100 can be worth $10,000 by 2026, provided you choose the right top crypto coins. Four cryptocurrencies that have the potential to do this are EOS ($EOS), Optimism ($OP), ($DOMI) and Flow ($FLOW). While EOS, Optimism, and Flow have been around for quite some time, the inclusion of in this list has taken many by surprise, as the project is still in its presale stage.

An Ethereum-based platform, helps startups leveraging artificial intelligence for their projects find authentic investment opportunities. The platform bridges the gap between blockchain and art investment while paving the way for DeFi technologies to drive impact globally. Opening up art investment to more crypto users

What makes $ a good crypto to buy is its transparent mechanism and user-friendly features. The platform has roped in a team of experts who carefully curate a collection of high-end and blue-chip art pieces that are tokenized and minted as NFTs. The tokenized assets are then made available to interested buyers on’s NFT marketplace. These NFTs can be bought using’s native cryptocurrency, the $DOMI token.

Meanwhile, the art pieces are secured in vaults and are backed by insurance. Both services are providers of specialized companies that have been in the industry for years. The platform is also secured by a robust framework that has been reviewed by some of the leading blockchain audit companies. If you do not have enough experience in art investment, you can also opt for’s Advisory service where a trained expert can guide you through the ecosystem.

A key feature of the $DOMI token is that it’s a deflationary cryptocurrency. In other words, the token’s supply is intentionally kept scarce or below the demanded quantity to curb price fluctuations. If there are additional tokens, they are burned or destroyed to reduce the supply. If you’re looking for a new cryptocurrency that has the potential to turn $100 into $10,000 by 2026, head over to the $DOM presale.

EOS to be integrated with PlayZap Games

EOS is a blockchain-powered platform that enables developers to create powerful and scalable dApps with more flexibility and security than other blockchains. The platform leverages a delegated proof-of-stake consensus mechanism for securing its network and has a native cryptocurrency called the $EOS token.

The platform recently was in the news with its latest foray into the GameFi realm. According to the team, PlayZap Games will now be integrated with EOS.

Optimism distributes unclaimed tokens worth $66 million

Optimism is a Layer 2 blockchain that’s powered by Ethereum. For many developers, Optimism is one of the best crypto investments of 2023 as it enables them to scale on Ethereum seamlessly with optimistic rollups. Its framework is compatible with 97 protocols like Synthetix and Uniswap. Its native token is the $OP and it’s the official medium of exchange of the Optimism ecosystem.

The platform recently hit the headlines after it directly distributed tokens worth $66.7 million to eligible addresses. These tokens remained unclaimed from Optimism’s first airdrop.

Decentralized oracle Band Protocol to be available on Flow

Flow is a leading blockchain that can be leveraged for deploying not just dApps but Web 3.0 games as well as digital assets. It has been designed to boost the adoption of Web 3.0 solutions and integrate usability improvement in decentralized protocols. Its native token $FLOW is the primary cryptocurrency of the network.

In a recent development, Band Protocol, which is a decentralized and cross-chain oracle, announced its integration with the Flow ecosystem. Band Protocol facilitates connections between smart contracts and, external data and application programming interfaces.


If you’re looking for the best altcoins to buy now, EOS, Optimism,, and Flow are innovative projects that have utility-centric models. However, happens to have a slight edge over the other three in terms of growth potential.’s unique model enables even an average crypto user to create a steady source of earnings that can secure their future. Consequently, features like a strong security framework and a deflationary token keep users’ returns intact.

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