4 Cryptocurrency Events to Look Forward to This November

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Standing out in the world of alternative cryptocurrency is a very steep mountain to climb. Despite one’s best efforts, the native currency or asset may not matter to most people. That being said, there are some interesting upcoming developments that may help shake things up a bit.

ZCash Halving

The ZCash ecosystem has gone through some step ups and downs over the past few years. While it still has a strong community, the overall sentiment by onlookers is “mildly disinterested”, for the most part.

 Whether the upcoming ZEC halving will shake things up a bit for the cryptocurrency, is difficult to predict. Halvings are often exciting events for any cryptocurrency, thus ZCash may see some action come November 18. 

Stratis STRAX Mainnet

Although often ignored by the vast majority, Stratis continues to build out its own ecosystem. In a few days, the STRX mainnet will go live. For those unaware, STRAX is a “vanilla blockchain environment” to allow the project’s Foundation to leverage all technology built by Stratis over the past few years.  

A roadmap will be released on November 12, and it seems there will be a growing focus on decentralized finance. This is a common trend in the cryptocurrency world. For Stratis enthusiasts, this may be something worth keeping an eye on.

DFinance Mainnet Launch

For the time being, there is no official launch date for the DFinance mainnnet. That is not entirely unusual, as there can always be some lingering kinks or issues to work out before going to the next step. Cryptocurrency projects require careful examination first and foremost.

This “Financial Instrument Protocol” wants to let users create and trade their own blockchain-based financial instruments without writing any code. As such, the upcoming mainnet release can prove to be interesting. 

NEM Launches Catapult

People familiar with the New Economy Movement (NEM) blockchain ecosystem will know all about Catapult (currently known as Symbol). It is one of the projects being actively worked on by the NEM developers over the past few years. An official release of the project is slated for November 2020. 

No exact date has been communicated, but it will be at some point in the second half of this month. This launch’s impact on the overall NEM ecosystem and its adoption has yet to be determined. It can also have some ramifications for the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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