4 Crucial Cryptocurrency Developments to Watch in December 2020

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There is always something in the cryptocurrency space worth keeping tabs on. Several projects have major milestones to be hit later this month. Some of these developments are more enticing than others, but every form of progress is important. 

Ethereum 2.0 is Finally Here

The biggest development to affect the cryptocurrency industry this month is the activation of Ethereum 2.0 and its Phase 0. While it will only be the beginning of what is yet to come, enthusiasts have waited years to see things evolve in this direction. As the Ethereum 2.0 “genesis block” will be created this month, all eyes will be on this particular network for the foreseeable future. Expectations are incredibly high, yet it remains to be seen if those can be met. 

In the price department, Ethereum has noted a strong 30% price increase in anticipation of this launch. Granted, that is also primarily due to Bitcoin’s price rising, but it is solid market progress regardless. Only time will tell if all of this excitement will prove warranted. 

SKALE Token Unlock

Following its successful token sale earlier this year, a lot of people keep close tabs on the SKALE project.  As the tokens for this cryptocurrency ecosystem – known as SKALE Network tokens – is now live, interesting things are bound to happen.

So far, the SKL token is already listed on Binance, Huobi, and Uniswap, further confirming this project now has to deliver on all of the initial promises. There will be some market volatility, however, as a lot of initial investors may be looking to scalp some quick profits. 

Orion Terminal Phase 1

The Orion Protocol project offers a very big change in the way people trade cryptocurrency. Part of its ecosystem is referred to as the Orion Terminal. The first phase of this technology will go live in a few weeks from today. This launch will give interested users a better idea of how this product works and what they can achieve by using it. 

Keeping in mind how this is only the first “preview” of what the Orion Terminal will provide, there will be changes and improvements along the way. Even so, this launch marks a key milestone for the project, as it will give community members a hands-on experience. 

Polkastarter MVP Launch

The Polkadot ecosystem is home to many different projects and services. One such concept is PolkaStarter, a decentralized exchange solution tapping into cross-chain liquidity. Being able to transfer value from one token pool to another will change the narrative of cryptocurrency trading in general.

The MVP for Polkastarter is expected to launch at some point in December 2020. For now, no official date has been communicated, as there are still tweaks to be made. The internal MVP launch has been successful, and Polkastarter underwent an audit in November. All the puzzle pieces are falling in place, by the look of things. 

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