4 Altcoins to Watch This Week: REN, BNT, OCEAN, AVA

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Figuring out which altcoins people are talking about is often a daunting challenge. With the help of DAO Maker and LunarCRUSH, this process becomes a lot easier. Below are 4 projects worth keeping an eye on this week. 

Ren (REN)

One of the many platforms active in the world of liquidity providers, Ren is focusing on tapping into cross-chain liquidity for dApps. This ensures users can use Bitcoin, ZCash, and Bitcoin Cash in Ethereum dApps, for example. The project may need some better PR to become a bigger name in the industry, however. 

Currently ranked at $0.1965 and a market cap of $172.1 million, REN has seemingly a lot of future potential. Its social activity is also picking up significantly,, which would explain the recent value increase. Based on this recent social volume, it may prove worthwhile to keep an eye on.

Bancor (BNT)

Given all of the recent developments, it is obvious why Bancor is on so many people’s radar right now. The BNT value has also seen some interesting momentum lately, Even so, the current market cap is still just $140 million, which seems rather low. 

Following a strong increase in social activity, Bancor may be getting on more traders’ radar. Although the bullish sentiment is decreasing among social users, there is still some potential for upward momentum. 

Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)

Any protocol facilitating the development of Web3 apps is worth paying attention to. When that protocol also focuses on the data economy, it is bound to attract attention. Ocean Protocol is doing all of that, which may have some interesting repercussions for the cryptocurrency industry down the line. 

In terms of the OCEAN price, it has almost reached $0.25. Very interesting, as this rise is primarily fueled by a relatively strong sentiment. The bullish sentiment has decreased a bit, but that is normal, given such a strong recent price surge. Sustaining an uptrend is always challenging for altcoins.

Travala.com (AVA)

Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts don’t need an introduction to Travala. It is a great way to book hotels and flights with cryptocurrency. Using its native AVA token can yield extra discounts, making it worthwhile to keep an eye on. 

With a current value of $1.73, it’s difficult to determine if AVA is valued fairly. The token has seen a 423.1% price increase in the past 30 days, which is already rather impressive. Social sentiment also seems to be picking up strongly, as is the bullish sentiment. The recently released monthly reward may certainly have something to do with it. 

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