4 Altcoin Assets to Watch This Week: LINK, RUNE, LCX, OCEAN

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Another week of interesting cryptocurrency action is in the books once again. Plenty of projects are trying to gain traction, yet it remains to be seen what the future will hold. All of the following tokens and assets can offer some potential this week. 

ChainLink Keeps Dominating Everything

Not too many people should be surprised to learn that ChainLink is still a hot commodity. LINK is one of those assets that seemingly keeps rising in value every single day regardless of overall market sentiment. It has been a remarkable run, but all good things will come to an end fairly soon. 

What is remarkable is how LINK continues to generate so much attention on social media. The number of social mentions keeps rising alongside the overall price uptrend. Sustaining this uptrend for much longer is difficult, especially with the top markets showing increased volatility. 

ThorChain Flies Under the Radar

Not to be confused with VeChainThor, ThorChain is seemingly on the right track to achieve some future profits. Although it is one of those assets already noting steep gains last week, it is often difficult to determine the top. There is still some momentum in the tank for ThorChain right now.

Thanks to a lot of social volume over the past few days, more and more people are becoming aware of ThorChain. It is still crucial for users to determine the value proposition before committing to this market. Chasing profits only goes well for so long without doing any research.

LCX Could be a Hidden gem

A bit of a surprising name on the list is LCX. Not because the project cannot succeed, but simply because it is down the market cap rankings so far. People who are chasing low-cap assets may want to take note of this one, even though it has already risen by 72% in value lately. 

This is a project that has not seen much social volume yet, which might help explain why it is still this low on the market cap rankings. That being said, this may very well have been its moment to shine for this month. Treading with caution remains advised under these volatile market circumstances. 

Ocean Protocol

Although Ocean Protocol is one of those assets on the list last week as well, it certainly has a lot of potential; A thriving community can often make big things happen, even though influencing the price directly is always difficult. Last week, OCEAN noted a strong 65% increase, which is more than respectable.

The big question now is whether OCEAN can remain on this list for another week. Noting solid gains is one thing, but effectively fueling ongoing growth is something else entirely. If the social sentiment is any indication, things will certainly get interesting over the coming days. 

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