3 Ways to Begin Accepting Electroneum Payments Today

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Accepting cryptocurrency payments has become a lot more straightforward in recent years. Anyone looking to accept Electroneum has a lot of opportunities at their disposal. The popular altcoin is supported by a growing variety of eommerce plugins. 

Electroneum and Joomla CMS

Whereas most online platforms are built on WordPress these days, there are plenty of good reasons to explore Joomla as well. It is a very versatile solution,especially when it comes to e-commerce solutions. Numerous plugins exist to make one’s shop stand out from competitors. Accepting Electroneum payments or donations, for example, is one option worth looking into today. 

Several Joomla CMS plugins make this possible. Whether one needs a subscription solution (RD-Subscriptions), regular e-commerce options (HikaShop, VirtueMart, J2store) or support for ETN donations (Joomdonation, Simple Joomla Donation Plugin for Electroneum) there are plenty of options waiting to be explored.  

All of these plugins will enable support for this altcoin in one way or another. Given how popular Electroneum is among mobile users, it is one of those payment options to keep a very close eye on. 

Regular Payment Gateways

Unlike some other cryptocurrencies, there are very few platforms currently capable of processing Electroneum payments. The only valuable option is CoinPayments in this regard, a platform that has built up a very solid reputation over the years. They make it easy to accept dozens of crypto assets, and ETN is one of them. 

Although it may seem like a problem to only have one processor support this altcoin, that isn’t necessarily the case. Thanks to the plugins above for Joomla, as well as numerous WordPress-based solutions, there are many different ways to accept Electroneum today. Comparing the different options on the market and making the most of them is crucial to be successful. 

Powerful WordPress Options

It is interesting to see how all of the powerful WordPress plugins have support for Electroneum in one way or another. Whether it is WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, or OpenCart, they can all be used to handle ETN transactions with ease. Due to the popularity of WordPress, having the support of these ecommerce plugins is crucial. 

What is remarkable is how some of the plugins have received an update built by the community itself. While most merchants would only look at handling Bitcoin and perhaps Ethereum or Litecoin, there are plenty of other currencies capable of providing an advantage from an ecommerce point of view. Exploring the different options on the market is crucial to remain competitive. Electroneum is making inroads all across the board. 

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