3 Things Users Hope to see Realized When Uniswap v3 Launches

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There are a lot of expectations associated with the upcoming launch of Uniswap v3. While not much is known about the changes, there are certain things the community would like to see. Below are some examples of what the new version of this platform will hopefully provide. 

Improving Overall Efficiency

One of the main aspects to keep focusing on for Uniswap developers is the efficiency. Both slippage and capital efficiency can be improved significantly. The current situation is not problematic by any means, but it would be interesting to see the developers focus on this a bit more. If Uniswap’s mission is to compete with the Binances and Krakens of the world, this will be a crucial aspect. 

How this will be achieved, remains subject to interpretation. Some people have floated the idea of dynamic trading fees, whereas others prefer being able to provide liquidity on one side of the market, rather than both. All of these options are certainly plausible, but it remains up to the Uniswap v3 developers to make their vision come true. 

Integrating L2 Scaling for Uniswap v3

For quite some time now, Uniswap’s potential is held back by the high Ethereum gas fees. Ethereum’s network is, as its core, not designed to scale in the current form. Transactions are often far too expensive, affecting potential profit secured from trading through this platform. Uniswap v3 needs a solution, but it remains to be seen what will be implemented exactly.

The benefit for the developer is how there are many options. Several L2 scaling solutions are already on the market. Incorporating Loopring’s zkrollUps would have tremendous potential. At the same time, there may be different ways to handle the scaling aspect. 

What About UNI?

Ever since the UNI token was introduced, there has been ample excitement. At the same time, some of this initial optimism has evaporated over time. The current UNI value is a far cry from what it was a few weeks ago. With more bearish pressure, it remains to be seen what the future will hold.

Depending on whom one asks, Uniswap v3 may bring out the “best” of UNI in the process. A bold statement, but it would not be impossible. After all, it appears that the token would have initially launched when v3 came out. That was clearly not the case. Even so, it will undoubtedly play a  prominent role in the new Uniswap landscape, whenever it may launch. 

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