3 Things Beginners Rarely Know About Cryptocurrencies


    Cryptocurrency is digital money that has been dominating the world for the past several years. Experts claim that these digital currencies could be the future of money and make a great replacement for traditional centralized coins controlled by the government.

    The popularity of cryptocurrency has become so diverse that the industry has evolved with 4000 different cryptocurrencies by the year 2021. Even beginners are trying out their luck to vanquish the industry.

    As cryptocurrency is still evolving, there are various things about digital currencies that beginners barely know. This includes the following:

    1. “Powerful” than Google

    Although it may sound unrealistic, cryptocurrency is more powerful than Google as the power generated by the computers connected to the Bitcoin blockchain is 100 times more than the Google servers.

    It requires 200 kWh of power to mine a single Bitcoin. This is similar to the amount of power required for an average-size home for one month. With such energy requirements, cryptocurrency has surpassed Google in terms of power efficiency for obvious reasons.

    2. Crypto Investing is for Everyone

    It’s often said that crypto investing is only for those who are aware of the technological field and are highly proficient in it. But that’s not true.

    Digital currencies like crypto started off in an advanced financial sector, but after decades of their launch, it has now become common for everyone. This means whether you are a regular investor or an absolute beginner, as long as you have a smartphone and money for investing, you can try crypto investing.

    As an investor, you do not need to dig deeper into the technicality of the domain. You just need to know when to buy and sell the crypto, which is similar to the investments that you make otherwise. If these things are known, anyone can invest in crypto.

    Meanwhile, you just need to be aware of the market trends and developments in the crypto field. This will help you to invest in the right places and get the best outcomes. You must access a good cryptocurrency exchange and keep your wallet secure to avoid any hacking or exploitation.

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    3. Bitcoin Cannot be Banned.

    Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are impossible to ban. This means despite the situation, you can still use Bitcoin softwares for trading or investing purposes. Cryptocurrencies work differently than traditional banks available worldwide. That’s why they are less preferred by professionals from these industries. 

    However, as soon as users have a Bitcoin wallet and a strong internet connection, no one can put a barrier to digital transactions and cryptocurrencies.

    Cryptocurrencies work on a decentralized agreement. This means if two parties are willing to trade, where one wants to sell, and the other person wants to buy, a ban on bitcoin is not possible.

    These are three lesser-known facts about cryptocurrencies that beginners must know before stepping into the industry.

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