3 Signs You Are Ready To Hire a Virtual Assistant, According to Bruntwork

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Crypto and NFT projects have many tasks that take up time. Responding to live chats, discords, telegram and whatsapp messages and more. 

Whether you are in Web 3.0, or a traditional business, almost every entrepreneur or business owner has considered hiring a virtual assistant. But many haven’t taken the plunge for financial reasons or because entrepreneurs aren’t quite sure what tasks they can outsource to that person.

According to Winston Ong, BruntWork CEO, not every business owner is confident about hiring a virtual assistant, especially if it’s their first time.

It’s hard to trust someone else with tasks critical to the business. However, there are instances when entrepreneurs have too much on their plates, pushing them to hire virtual assistants to help them accomplish more while doing less.

Ong shares three signs that Web 3.0 projects or business owners are ready to hire a virtual assistant to do some tasks for them.

The Project or Business Is Holding the Owner Hostage

The first tell-tale sign that business owners need to outsource some tasks is when the business is taking so much of their time.

Entrepreneurs love the idea of being able to set their own hours and calling the shots,” shares Ong. If business owners can’t find the time to step away from the business, it’s time to call reinforcements.

Spending More Time on Administrative Tasks Than the Core Business Itself

It’s hard to add value to the bottom line when huge chunks of the day are spent doing administrative tasks like invoicing, billing and e-mailing.

Admin tasks are necessary but often distract you from adding your highest value by doing what you do best,” says Ong.

These tasks can also drain energy, leading to entrepreneurs doing less work yet feeling worse than when they started the day.

The Project or Business Is Ready to Scale

When it’s time to scale, projects or business owners typically need three things: systems, cash and people.

When it comes to people, business owners should start with the most critical role that will help them scale the business. For example, launching a new website, discord channel or telegram group will require the help of a virtual assistant to handle sales and conversion or member support and customer service.

Some entrepreneurs find it difficult to pass some of their responsibilities to a remote worker. But often, delegating tasks to a capable individual is what it takes to grow a business,” according to Ong.

Allowing a virtual assistant to work within their expertise can create wonders for a business. It will also let entrepreneurs focus on other important tasks like finding leads, working on new products and developing marketing campaigns.

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