3 Reasons Why The Raydium Price (RAY) Can Set A New All-Time High Soon

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Various cryptocurrency assets note a strong bounce after yesterday’s market shenanigans. When the top markets recover, so do alternative investments, in most cases. The Raydium price (RAY) is a prime example of how swift these recoveries can be in this industry. 

Raydium Price Spikes

While it is not uncommon to see alternative crypto assets rise in value, their price increases are usually on par with Bitcoin or Ethereum. Raydium price watchers will acknowledge that RAY is doing things very differently. Raydium’s native asset notes a  40.5% price increase over the past 24 hours. An impressive feat, considering how this uptrend applies to both USD and BTC value. 

Raydium price chart by TradignView.com

Historically, Raydium is currently back at the value where it was several months ago. The all-time high is 4.5% away and may very well be surpassed later today. Additionally, RAY notes a strong bounce from the all-time low Raydium price of $2.46 two months ago. This momentum is certainly intriguing and may carry the asset closer toward that $20 goal. Moreover, the RAY market cap will surpass $1 billion again relatively quickly at this rate. 

The Importance of AcceleRaytor

For those unfamiliar with the AcceleRaytor, it is a launchpad for up-and-coming projects on the Solana blockchain. Through AcceleRaytor, teams can raise capital and drive initial liquidity. Both the project community and Raydium holders can participate in these token offerings. In addition, the AcceleRaytor team will curate and vet all listings to ensure quality over quantity. 

Every launch project has access to community pools and RAY pools. It is a democratized way of exposure provision and allows a broader audience to participate in token sales. It can impact the Raydium price in some way when successful or hyped-up projects use this launchpad. 

Grape Protocol And Star Atlas

As more developers explore the potential of Solana, there will be new product launches. For example, Grape Protocol launched on AcceleRaytor earlier this month. The protocol is designed for token-based membership building on the Solana blockchains. As a result, communities can create, reward, and secure other users. The GRAPE Access portals for NFT and token holders are just an example of what the future may hold.

Another project tapping the AcceleRaytor is Star Atlas. Launched in early September, the metaverse combines blockchain with real-time graphics, multiplayer gaming, and decentralized technology. Blockchain gaming and metaverses are taking off. Building on a viable blockchain, like Solana, can make the difference between failure and success. 

DropZone Launch

Another initiative capable of catapulting the Raydium price higher is DropZone. Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have recently landed on this blockchain. DropZone serves as an initiative to promote the growth of Solana-based NFTs and support teams with the infrastructure to launch new projects. 

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