3 Crypto Assets With Trending Searches: Moonbeam, Fantom. BNB

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Overall interest in specific crypto assets is rising once again. Although Bitcoin and Ethereum will dictate the pace for other markets, users and speculators want to explore new opportunities. As a result, the following assets are trending searches across crypto aggregators and are worth watching over the coming week. 

Moonbeam (GLMR)

Many people are learning about Moonbeam and the technology it provides to its users. There is the EVM compatibility, but it also mirrors certain aspects of Ethereum, including the Web3 RPC, accounts, subscriptions, etc. Moreover, Moonbeam improves Ethereuḿ’s feature set with on-chain governance, staking, and cross-chain integration. Additionally, the native scalability of Polkadot allows Moonbeam to transcend Ethereum in this segment. 

Unfortunately, the GLMR price has seen its fair share of setbacks in recent weeks. Although there is a significant bear market to keep in mind, GLMR lost over 63% in value in a month. That can be seen as a new buying opportunity, although it remains unclear if and when the market will recover.Trending searches for the asset are rising, indicating some momentum may be brewing.

Fantom (FTM)

Like Ethereum and other blockchains, Fantom makes a name for itself in the decentralized finance segment. It is an efficient and cheap network to use, creating new opportunities for developers and their users. Moreover, Fantom has become the fourth-largest blockchain by DeFi TVL, with $12.16 billion distributed across 181 protocols. 

Some traders show an increased interest in Fantom and FTM due to its 52.8% dip since the all-time high four months ago. A recent 21.8% loss in 30 days may warrant some optimism for the future, although the market remains rather bearish even today. Additionally, FTM is up by over 215% in the past year, potentially limiting its upward potential

Binance Coin (BNB)

The native asset of Binance Chain and the Binance trading platform has always been of great interest to users. It has noted a strong price surge and provides utility on the exchange through discounted trading fees. Moreover, Binance Chain remains a prominent DeFi network representing over $14.29 billion in TVL across 320 protocols.

Like other markets, BNB is subject to a significant bear market lately. Its all-time high of $686.3 seems lightyears away now, although it is one of the markets that rebounds the quickest. The coming weeks will prove rather interesting for BNB, although interest from trending searches does not automatically yield a price increase. 

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