3 Crazy Money-Making Cryptos You Just Can’t Miss: Big Eyes Coin, Floki, and Matic Show Tremendous Potential!



The crypto winter is here, or is it?

The top dogs of crypto may be on a downtrend, but it is an undeniable fact that there are a few projects in this industry that are still doing pretty well! Consequently, there still exists hot pockets amidst this land of snow! Identifying such money-making crypto projects is not easy; after all, there are several thousand options to choose from!

But not to worry, we have done our research, and here are three crazy money-making cryptos that you do not want to miss in 2023:

Big Eyes Coins (BIG): Cuteness is the new currency!

Big Eyes Coins (BIG) have already raised $30.8M in presales. Yes, presales! BIG is all set to blow up real soon! This cute project has garnered tremendous support from crypto fanatics all over the world because of its innovative concept of loot boxes and tax-free ecosystem. In the era of ‘who charges the least tax,’ BIG does not levy any tax—a bold move for sure. Big Eyes Coins does not levy any buy tax, sell tax, or any other transaction tax in the BIG ecosystem.

Big Eyes are cute, but they are also rewarding! The concept of loot boxes gives you a chance to win rewards that are 500% times the price of the loot boxes you purchase. To put it in perspective for you, if you buy a loot box for $100, you can instantly win rewards of up to $5000!

Moreover, Big Eyes are meant to be quite liquid, as 80% of the total token supply will be available to the community at the time of the launch. But that it’s not it! For the benefit of the investors, the creators of Big Eyes coins have locked the liquidity pool for two years from launch. QUIZ TIME! When the demand increases but the supply remains the same, what happens to the price of the asset?

But BIG is not only about making big amounts of money. It is also about saving the oceans. Yup, 5% of the total token supply is given to ocean-saving charities. So, yay, fresh fish?

Floki – The story of a dog with a diamond spoon

Floki is the name of an upcoming crypto token. But it is also the name of, wait for it…Elon Musk’s dog. There is a crypto token named after Elon’s pet dog. Floki, as a crypto token, is the next level of Shiba Inu. The creators of this token wish to provide an array of utilities to the community members. Now, these guys are quite charitable as well. Floki plans to build schools in underdeveloped countries. Honourable indeed.

However, the entire hype for this token is created because of its relation to Elon Musk (yes, the dog is the mutual point), and hence, it has potential. You do remember the success of Shiba Inu, yeah?

Matic – Does a good defense mean a good offense?

We’ve all heard, ‘The best defense is the best offense’. But is it really? If you never attack, do you really win? Well, there are many perspectives to look at this. And the same applies to Matic. After performing well in the bear market, will Matic do well in the bull run as well? Plenty says yes, and several say no. However, if you look at the utilities of Matic and its relationship with the NFT industry, it wouldn’t be controversial to say Matic will perform well in the bull run as well.

To know more about Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

Presale: https://buy.bigeyes.space/
Website: https://bigeyes.space/
Telegram: https://t.me/BIGEYESOFFICIAL


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