3 Best And Potential Cryptocurrencies You Can Invest

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‘Cryptocurrencies’ is a term that all of us are aware of. Currently, there are thousands of different Cryptocurrencies where you can step into the world of crypto. But knowing which Cryptocurrencies to invest in can be a little challenging and hectic. Anyone entering this world will have thousands of questions and even thousands of answers. But it is essential to understand the fundamentals before even thinking of investing. Also maintaining track of your Cryptocurrencies can be hectic. But using a crypto tracker can help gauge your gains in time and help you to track your investments conveniently. 

As more investors look keen to invest with the hope of generating huge returns, the crypto tracker is very much an essential tool as they even help to monitor prices changes over time. However, if you still get confused about which cryptocurrency you must invest in, here are the best 3 cryptocurrencies you can rely on.

Three best cryptocurrencies to invest in

Bitcoin (BTC) 

While talking about cryptocurrency, the first word that comes to mind is “Bitcoin”. Against all other cryptocurrencies, ‘Bitcoin’ continues to dominate and rule in the investing market. It is one of the oldest and referred to as ‘the king of Crypto’. 

It was developed in 2011 by the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto. There are so many benefits to this method of payment. 

  • Bitcoin is fast and inexpensive
  • Fraud Risk is lower 
  • It has transparency
  • Transactions are P2P and pseudonymous
  • It has a high return potential 


‘Cosmos’ is a bridge between blockchains where one is capable of communicating with each other in a decentralized way. This is a platform that has a full suite of products and features. Cosmos presents a next-generation technology heap that delivers developers’ permits to powerful tools that boost blockchain creation efficiency. “Cosmos’ gives thousands of advantages to the market. 

  • Cosmos is fully customizable.
  • You can freely create and issue new blockchain applications.
  • It streamlines inter-blockchain transactions.
  • It provides developers with the chance to share data and tokens programmatically.


Due to its potential applications, Ethereum is also one of the second largest used cryptocurrencies in the market. As for the past couple of years, it has witnessed tremendous growth. For anyone new to the cryptocurrency market, then Ethereum is one of the smartest investment options. 

It was launched in 2015 and continued to successfully work in the crypto market. The most vital aspect of Ethereum is its programmability agreements that are embedded in the code. It is also beneficial for transactional events in supply chains, trade finance, real estate, and other sectors. Some benefits that the Ethereum blockchain offers:

  • Ethereum is constantly evolving with new features. 
  • It better allocates information and trust. 
  • It can conveniently deploy and manage a private blockchain (i.e., side-chain) network. 
  • A wide range of functions is available to be built on top. 

And at last, if you are storing your cryptocurrency on a hardware wallet for security, then a crypto tracker is the best way to stay updated on the value of your investments. Tracking Applications like https://delta.app/en can help you to assist impeccably in tracking your investment to stay updated.

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