2023’s Rising Stars: Crypto Companies to Watch Out For

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Cryptocurrency has revolutionized the financial industry and has been gaining mainstream adoption in recent years. With the emergence of new and innovative technologies such as blockchain and smart contracts, etc., many new companies have entered the market to provide various services related to cryptocurrencies. As we move further into 2023, there are a few rising stars in the crypto industry that are poised to make significant waves.

One of the most well-known and established players in the cryptocurrency space is Bitcoin, which remains the largest and most valuable cryptocurrency on the market. However, newer and more diverse cryptocurrencies have emerged in recent years, such as Ethereum, Ripple,Litecoin and even more. These cryptocurrencies offer different functionalities and use cases, which has led to increased interest and investment from individuals and institutions alike.

In addition to cryptocurrencies, a growing number of companies offer various cryptocurrency-related services, such as exchanges, wallets, and payment processors. These companies are instrumental in facilitating the adoption and use of cryptocurrencies in everyday life, and as such, are becoming increasingly important in the industry.

Emerging Cryptocurrency Companies to Keep an Eye On in 2023


With almost half of on-chain transactions originating from the gaming sector, it has become a dominant player in the Dapp space. Qtum recognized gaming’s immense potential as the future of blockchain and invested strategically in Moonland, a virtual universe that serves as a gateway to various video games. Moonland goes beyond being just a game – it is a virtual universe that acts as a portal to various video games.

Using NFTs, players can have complete control over their digital assets. Moonland is currently in the development stage, with the team creating initial characters and environments, and integrating voice chat functionality and soundscapes. Recently, Moonland provided a sneak peek at an internal test of its multiplayer game that featured voice chat capabilities. Although the release date for the alpha version has not been announced yet, the team confirmed that Consensus 2023 would feature a playable demo, so mark your calendars!


Sheepy, a pioneer in the payment industry, is committed to delivering powerful and secure solutions for accepting digital currencies. With its complete payment processing toolkit, merchants can manage payments, convert cryptocurrencies to fiat or other digital assets, and scale their businesses globally. The company supports over 20 major cryptocurrencies, including BTC, BCH, ETH, DASH, XRP, USDT, USDC, DAI, TRX and more, safeguarded by advanced security measures such as cold wallet storage, two-factor authentication and a secure API.

The platform provides flexible payment solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing payment flows through its user-friendly API, widgets, and e-commerce plugins. The Sheepy dashboard offers advanced features, including invoice creation, product details, fees, taxes, and customization options. Sheepy sets a new industry standard by complying with European crypto regulations, ensuring a secure and hassle-free payment experience for online businesses, iGaming, marketplaces and software developers connecting with crypto-paying users worldwide.


QMALL is a user-friendly crypto exchange for quick crypto swaps and an advanced platform for seasoned traders. The team is set to introduce its very own Bitcoin NFT marketplace, where users can buy and sell unique digital assets. In addition, QMALL is developing its cryptomats that make it easy to deposit and exchange fiat currency for cryptocurrencies. This forward-thinking exchange is also working on its own Metaverse and has an exciting new product in the pipeline for its community.

One of the standout features of QMALL is its P2P aggregator, which allows users from all over the world to trade assets instantly. The exchange is licensed by the EU, setting it apart from competitors with just a general IT Tech License. QMALL is expanding into the European, Canadian, and Kazakhstan markets, and its services can only be accessed using the QMALL token. This token is in high demand due to its numerous benefits, including a 50% discount on all trading fees. Notably, QMALL is a top-tier cryptocurrency exchange.

XDC Network

The blockchain industry is seeing a rapid expansion of the XDC Network ecosystem, an enterprise-grade, EVM-compatible, Layer 1 blockchain that operates on a delegated proof-of-stake (XDPoS) consensus mechanism. XDC Network’s innovative approach allows for lightning-fast transaction times of up to two seconds, processing over 2000 transactions per second with negligible gas fees. Furthermore, it supports interoperability with ISO 20022 financial messaging standards, making it highly efficient and flexible.

XDC Network prioritizes security by utilizing KYC-enabled master nodes and employing the latest XDPOS-2.0 technology to increase scalability, making it one of the most secure and scalable networks available. Since its inception in 2019, XDC Network has achieved operational success, boasting the fastest-growing ecosystem worldwide and providing an approximate return on investment of 911.41%.

A Thought-Provoking Remark

The cryptocurrency industry is dynamic and rapidly evolving, with new players and innovative ideas emerging constantly. As we wrap up the first quarter of 2023, it is clear that the industry will continue to expand and diversify, with companies offering new and exciting products and services.

While Bitcoin remains dominant, newer and more specialized options are gaining traction and capturing the attention of investors and businesses alike. As the industry continues to mature, it will be fascinating to see what new developments emerge and how they will shape the future of finance and technology.

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