2019 has Been an Interesting Year for DApps but Ethereum Remains King

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Competition in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world is crucial. As far as DApps are concerned, it appears that only three ecosystems are competing for real traction today.

The new DAppRadar report shows that things are not as competitive as most people think.

Ethereum Remains the King of DApps

The findings confirm how Ethereum is the most smart prominent smart contract blockchain.

As a result, it also provides a thriving dApp ecosystem to explore.

Both the daily user base and daily value of DApps on Ethereum increased by over 110%. 

Growth can also be noted as far as EOS and TRON are concerned.

For EOS, the growth has stalled a bit due to the EIDOS token airdrop.

That airdrop has caused significant network congestion, reducing the activity among EOS DApps. 

For TRON, the initial growth in 2019 has not been sustained. 

The report indicates how the second half of 2019 saw a steep decline in dApp activity.

In general, several key categories can be identified.

Gambling and high-risk projects remain popular in any ecosystem.

For Ethereum, the growth of DeFi, Exchanges, and Games cannot be ignored either.

No other dApp ecosystem spans so many categories, albeit that may change in 2020. 

Other than ethereum, tron, and EOS, it does not appear that any other blockchain notes real dApp usage in 2019.

That is rather surprising, as at least half a dozen networks compete for traction.

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