$17M Crypto Funding Week Dominated by Decentralization and Privacy, InQubeta (QUBE) Presale Broke the $2.1M Milestone


The cryptocurrency market has witnessed a surge in funding, with $17 million invested in projects concentrating on decentralization and privacy. Among the highlights was InQubeta (QUBE), the world’s first web3 crowdfunding platform, securing $2.1 million in its private sale.

The investments underscore a continued interest in decentralized solutions, reflecting growing concerns over centralized control and data privacy. This focus on decentralization and privacy emphasizes the industry’s commitment to creating a more transparent and secure digital future, even in the face of market uncertainty.

InQubeta’s (QUBE) Groundbreaking Presale: Surpassing the $2.1 Million Milestone and Shaping the Future of AI Startups

InQubeta (QUBE) is carving a unique path in the crypto world by introducing innovative crowdfunding solutions tailored for AI technology startups. Integrating a vibrant NFT marketplace and distinctive features allows users to mint, trade, and showcase fractional investments. Its deflationary token, QUBE, and a staking mechanism will enable investors to earn rewards and actively participate in governance.

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Experts in the industry have recognized InQubeta’s potential, predicting a remarkable 1,500% spike in its token. The project’s transparent and secure approach, backed by third-party audits from Hacken and Block Audit, adds to its reliability and attractiveness.

InQubeta’s presale has been a resounding success, breaking the $2.1 million milestone and rapidly moving toward the next. With over $2.1 million in funds raised and more than 269 million tokens sold in the first three stages, the anticipation and demand are palpable. Less than 25% remains available for the current phase, and the entry price of $0.0112 provides an alluring investment opportunity. Post-launch, the estimated token price is predicted to be at least $0.0308, showcasing tremendous potential for value growth.

InQubeta’s rise in the crypto community emphasizes its commitment to revolutionizing both the AI and crypto industries. As the presale stages unfold, each step reinforces its influence and potential, promising a luminous path for investors and AI startups alike. Combining innovative crowdfunding solutions, trendsetting NFTs, and rewarding investment mechanisms positions InQubeta as a pioneering force in crypto. QUBE tokens lead the charge toward a future filled with opportunities.


Emphasizing Privacy and Decentralization

The investment landscape in the cryptocurrency sector recently displayed a robust emphasis on privacy and decentralization. Nym, pioneering decentralized anonymous communication, successfully raised $5 million. Mysten Labs, focusing on developing privacy-preserving blockchain infrastructure, attracted $4 million in funding. Aleph Zero’s efforts in creating a privacy-preserving layer-1 blockchain were rewarded with a $3 million investment.

Even in a bear market, these funding rounds highlight the growing demand for solutions that address scalability, security, and privacy in the cryptocurrency industry. The focus on decentralized projects reflects a broader concern over centralized organizations’ control over personal data. These technological strides can potentially create a more transparent and secure internet, signaling a commitment to privacy and decentralization that resonates with both developers and investors.


The recent $17 million crypto funding week, spotlighting decentralization and privacy underscores the industry’s evolving landscape. Among these advancements, InQubeta’s (QUBE) presale breaking the $2.1 million milestone is a testament to the project’s promising future. With a focus on NFTs and AI technology startups, InQubeta’s unique crowdfunding solutions have caught the attention of investors seeking innovative opportunities.

The swift surge in funds raised speaks volumes about its potential and resonates with those looking for cutting-edge crypto investments. As the presale continues to gain momentum, now is an opportune time to become part of InQubeta’s journey toward revolutionizing the AI industry.

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