Since the debut of decentralized exchanges, it has enjoyed significant investment despite only having been around for half a decade. Currently, there are at least thirty-five active decentralized exchange systems founded on various blockchains, this is ultimately increasing with time and with no sign of diminishing. 

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Ethereum despite being the most prominent blockchain development platform has faced many limitations such as lower throughput, poor user experience, and lack of sovereignty. A whole lot of projects rely on Ethereum-compatible blockchains as a means to overcome these issues while still making use of the Ethereum’s growing ecosystem. However, there is neither a framework for developing such blockchains nor a medium for linking them. 

123swap is a decentralized finance platform that allows the seamless peer-to-peer exchange of crypto-assets. Without the need for a third party, it provides easily accessible, transparent, and convenient exchanges, earning, and investment management mediums. The platform intends to simplify the cryptocurrency exchange system while generating the lowest possible slippage. Using just the 123swap platform, you can enjoy a range of DeFi solutions such as swapping, holding, sending, receiving, earning, investing crypto, and NFT in multiple chains. 

Polygon, on the other hand, is an Ethereum-friendly blockchain network building and linking protocol and architecture. Its goal is to bring together adaptable Ethereum solutions to promote a multiple chains Ethereum ecosystem.

The main goal of Polygon is to create an “internet of blockchains” or a multi-chain ecosystem of Ethereum-compatible blockchain with a single click. Polygon proposes a system in which varied blockchains may freely and swiftly exchange currency and information, removing the technological and ideological barriers that now exist across most blockchains.


Effective partnerships and collaborations are pivotal to the growth of an ecosystem. Partnerships with promising projects, according to swap not only contribute to the growth of the ecosystem but also increase cryptocurrency acceptance. The objective of 123swap is to put the basic concept of DeFi back into play, to keep up with the newest developments, and to work with the finest and most trustworthy DeFi techniques. This productive ideology of 123swap on effective partnership is not just the reason for its collaboration with Polygon, but both ecosystems share the same vision.

123swap’s mission is to create the next-generation financial ecosystem by empowering blockchain technology and expanding the usage of cryptocurrencies for purchase and payment across the financial sector. The partnership with polygon is a major step in the fulfillment of this mission.

Right now, Polygon is live on 123swap.

Moreover, 123swap is looking forward to partnering with many other projects with promising utilities in the future.

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