110% Gains From Oryen Network Keep It Ahead Of Tamadoge And BNB


With thousands of coins and projects from which to choose, it can be confusing for new crypto investors looking for an opportunity to make money. However, with careful research, and patience, one can identify some projects worth their time and money. Good examples are the Tamadoge and BNB projects.

Tamadoge is a meme coin that wants to replicate the success of Doge. To do that, it knows that it cannot simply be a copy of Doge with a different name. As such, it offers potential investors some huge incentives. The result is that the value of its tokens rose considerably during the first week of trading.

To ensure demand, Tamadoge has built some real-world utility into its tokens. It is a play-to-earn metaverse ecosystem where users exist as avatars of virtual dogs. Within the Tamadoge metaverse called Tamaverse, they can compete for prizes. With such an offering, investors have shown huge interest in the project.

To add to the uniqueness, Tamadoge incorporates NFTs into its ecosystem. Each dog within the ecosystem is an NFT, which can be sold on secondary markets. Tamadoge has combined meme coins and NFTs, ensuring it will enjoy success for years to come.

Another crypto coin worth your attention is Binance Coin (BNB). The Binance Exchange, one of the biggest exchanges in the world, created it. Today, Binance Exchange enjoys trading volumes higher than any other crypto exchange.

Being the native token of the Binance Exchange means that users get discounts when they pay for transactions in BNB. It is also the native token of the Binance Smart Chain, billed as a competitor to the Ethereum ecosystem.

With numerous solid use cases, BNB will be valuable for many years. As such, it will be a solid investment for long-term investments in the crypto sector. Both Tamadoge and BNB are easy to access.

Oryen Network Pulls Ahead

While BNB and Tamadoge look promising, they could be doing better now. It is especially so when compared to the Oryen Network. In just a short while after its launch, the $ORY tokens have seen demand rise. The price has risen by 110% from the initial price. This price rise will likely continue until the Oryen Network platform goes live.

Like BNB tokens, the value proposition keeps investors interested in the $ORY tokens. The developers have created a unique staking mechanism that gives investors a fixed APY of 90%, accessible without investors needing to remove tokens from the safety of their wallets. Consequently, this has generated a lot of interest.


For those investors who want something that goes higher beyond their wildest expectations, $ORY tokens are a good choice. A solid project backs the tokens, and their value will likely continue growing. Investing now, during the presale, positions investors in a good place for the future.

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