0N1 Force Launches ‘0N1 World’ in Fortnite Creative 2.0

    Photo Courtesy of 0N1 Force

    On Wednesday, 0N1 FORCE, the first original anime NFT collection, announced its partnership with official Unreal Engine partner Theia Interactive, as they collectively launched ‘0N1 World’ in Fortnite Creative 2.0 as part of the 0N1’s ‘Comeback Tour.’


    Theia Interactive, a California-based creative solutions studio, builds virtual environments for businesses through mobile apps, augmented reality demos, and virtual reality experiences that allows it to tell engaging stories through visualization. Having completed over 200 enterprise projects globally, Theia has also created award-winning projects for companies including Epic Games, Hewlett Packard, Mohawk Group, NVIDIA, and more.

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    With an exposure to a wide audience of 100 million+ users around the world, 0N1 Force now represents the first PFP project to develop an exclusive map and interactive experience for Fortnite. 


    As one of only three official partners of Unreal Engine, we feel we have the right platform to make this dream a reality,” says 0N1 Force CEO Henry Finn. “Working with Theia is an important first step in our journey to turn our brand into a global IP.”


    First launched in late 2021, 0N1 FORCE is a collection of 7,777 NFTs featuring side-on faces, known as “0N1s.” It was one of the first original anime NFT collections on the market, and has since accumulated over 54,000 ETH (approx. $90 million USD) in transaction volumes across all marketplaces, maintaining a 1.5 ETH floor as of time of writing.


    0N1 FORCE’s resurrection began back in February 2023, when blockchain investment firm Old Fashioned Research (OFR) acquired the project from its previous owners including JR, IMCMPLX, Strawberry CryptoSpaces, and LinkedEm. 


    Our partnership with Unreal Engine, fortified by the successful execution of over 200 enterprise projects across the globe, has allowed us to blend traditional gaming with the dynamic realm of web3. We’re thrilled to introduce 0N1 Force to Fortnite via The Enclave, a bespoke, playable Fortnite Island created using the Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN). This marks a historic moment, as The Enclave is the first-ever web3 project to make its mark within the Fortnite universe,” says Bill Fishkin, co-founder and CEO of Theia Interactive.


    This latest announcement follows last month’s series of announcements that included the addition of former Riot Games principal Hicham Habchi, who’s helped develop industry-shaping IP like Valorant, Overwatch, Love Death & Robots as creative director, veteran animation director Kushagra ‘Kush’ Kushwaha as the company’s new internal animation advisor, and IP3’s David Uslan as a strategic advisor, whose family also owns the film IP rights to the original ‘Batman’ franchise; former Riot Games principal, as well as this week’s addition of


    As the company continues to expand its IP into the Japanese anime market, Kush’s background in having directed animation for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Yu-Gi-Oh Sevens, Ichiban Hikare, and more certainly brings a wealth of experience on every level of animation to help 0N1 Force navigate the production of its own anime content while continuing to expand his deep network within the top Japanese Anime studios. 


    Finn also says that 0N1 will be revealing a playable demo of ‘0N1 World’ by this year’s San Diego Comic Con 2023 (SDCC’23). 

    For more on 0N1 Force, you can follow them on Twitter at @0n1Force and https://www.0n1force.com/.

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